Letters, Wednesday, May 22, 2013

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Public will see through rhetoric

IT always amuses me to come across UKIP fans, such as Denis Gillon (Echo, May 16), who believe that Nigel Farage and his party will help to wash away the current three party system.

 Nothing could be further from the truth. Support for UKIP will continue apace into next year’s council and European elections but, come the General Election, support will disintegrate.

 Very little is known of UKIP’s policies beyond the populist, rabble-rousing standpoints on the EU, immigration and a wish to return the country to its former glories.

 However, a cursory glance at UKIP’s previous manifestos allows us to see what a pernicious little party it really is. Its support for the abolition of the Working Time Directive will remove at a stroke all rights to sick pay, holiday pay, maternity pay, paternity pay and redundancy payments. It also supports the introduction of a flat rate of tax for all, irrespective of income, and wishes to see an end to the minimum wage.

 It would be a return to the Victorian era – a time when working people were exploited as commodities and with minimal rights.

 Is that what we want? I think not and nor will the majority of the electorate once they come to realise what lies behind UKIP’s populist rhetoric.

Neil Johnson

A rubbish carry on

AFTER reading a local Sunday newspaper (May 5, headline Firm fined for waste offences), I have done a bit of digging into this story.

 It turns out that the waste that was being processed by Michael Coates Recycling Ltd was in fact mixed household recycling waste from a company called Connorco, which is owned by Saica. The company has the contract with Sunderland Council for the recycling waste every householder produces in the city. As a taxpayer and keen recycler, I am horrified that the waste I have been told to segregate, spending many hours a week sorting, washing and keeping separate from the rubbish bin, is actually getting sent to an illegal site.

 There has been so much money spent by the council on bins, calendars, leaflets and news articles all talking about how good it is to recycle, how we should all be doing our bit – well council, the least you can do for “your bit” is make sure it goes to a responsible company who won’t just pass it in to an illegal site.

 The council has got off with this, the people of Sunderland should know that all the hard work they put into making the city a more environmentally friendlier place is being rubbished (pardon the pun) by the council leaders itself which has selected to send it to an irresponsible company who then passes it on to illegal waste sites.

  The council should be made to answer to this. I have sent them a letter and rang them three times with no response yet.

Mr Miller,


Miners transferred

ALL praise to Dennis Gillon (Echo, April 11) for speaking the truth regarding Thatcher and the mines.

 My husband also held those views. Miners were transferred from all over the Durham Coalfield as far as Leadgate to Wearmouth Colliery long before Mrs Thatcher.

 But you will never change diehards who hate Mrs Thatcher.

 I also agree with the comments about the Billy Elliott jibe, good luck to him.

M Metcalfe,

East Herrington

What a nightmare

PHONING a call centre is a nightmare.

 “Please hold the line as your call is important to us.”

 Forty minutes later, I get connected.

 “Hi! I’m Gertrude, your operator.”

 Me: “I wish to pay my bill.”

 Press one to pay by cheque; press two to pay cash; press three to pay by credit card; press four to pay by debit card.

 Please hold the line indefinitely – your operator has just gone on maternity leave.

 Yours in a state of desperation.

P Todd,