Letters, Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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Bridge is constantly marred by graffiti

FOR a number of years myself and others campaigned for British Rail and later Railtrack to paint the Harrison bridge over the Wear and recognise its architectural significance to Sunderland’s heritage.

 An excellent restoration was carried out a few years ago but the result is consistently marred by what appears to be repeat graffiti. No sooner it is painted out than it’s back – often the same tag.

 Can city, police or rail authority invest in a linked in camera to identify the culprits who damage the city and endanger themselves in pursuit of their own vanity?

Leslie Scott

East Herrington

Miners’ dispute

IT was interesting to read the article in the Echo about the restoration of the miners’ banner from Sherburn Hill Colliery, which stated that it was last paraded through the village and at the Miners’ Gala in 1965.

 I noted that the local Labour MEP said, quite correctly, that “Miners’ banners ... contain messages of struggle and hope that still ring true today”.

 So what happened to Sherburn Hill Colliery? Up to the August of 1965 it employed nearly 900 people until it was closed by the government of Harold Wilson.

 The banner would therefore have been proudly displayed while Wilson or Brown or Callaghan, who had agreed to close the pit, were on the balcony of the County Hotel waving in comradely fashion to the miners marching below.

 Taking into account later issues relating to pit closures, it would be interesting to know what was the reaction of union leaders of the day to the pit being closed by Labour.

 Were they militant in their opposition to this decision and forceful in their arguments against?

 Or was it a case of it’s being done by our Government, our people, our Harold, so it’s all right then. Surely not?

Michael Dixon


Drive with care

IN a half hour drive the other weekend, we saw at least 30 cyclists out enjoying the sunshine on the country roads.

 I don’t think I have ever seen so many. They are everywhere!

 This is great for the environment and for the health of the nation, but we must all do our best to consider the safety aspects.

 Cyclists can help themselves by wearing something fluorescent and a properly-fitted helmet. Drivers must take time to look for cyclists at junctions and to overtake carefully.

 It is someone’s husband/wife/son/daughter wobbling along at the side of the road and although you may be annoyed that they are delaying you, it is essential to show patience.

 A cyclist will not fair well in an accident and if they get hurt your conscience will pay the heavy price of guilt.

 The same is true of horse riders, scooter riders, walkers and motorcyclists.

 Let’s all take care of each other on the roads and show we can coexist in peace.

Judith Trucknell