Letters, Wednesday, March 27, 2013

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This latest outrage must spell EU end

SURELY the EU’s latest outrage spells the end for the Euro and the beginning of the end of this ridiculous club, which benefits only its committee.

 The latest, and probably most outrageous, move of this European hotchpotch of barmy bankers and megalomaniac politicians to raid private bank accounts by up to 10 per cent in Cypress, finally and irrevocably confirms what we have suspected for years – we are vulnerable to any whim dreamt up by this deluded band of unelected, self-seeking Commissioners

 Having seen Brussels ignore its own 2008 bank guarantee by plundering the savings of private citizens, Cameron can insist on an immediate UK withdrawal from the free movement of Eastern Europeans and a total exit from the EU.

 It is a myth that a successful UK economy depends upon the EU. A nation should govern itself.

 Hoping for change but fearing we will continue to sleep walk into third world status.

Denis Gillon,


Good with words

I WAS interested to read Sharon Hodgson’s comments regarding the proposed extension of the Metro to Washington (Fresh plans to extend Sunderland Metro link into Washington, Echo, Monday, March 25).

 Ms Hodgson may, or may not, have intended the puns involved.

 Speaking of the possible extension, she says: “Getting a station for Washington is still a long way down the line.”

 The line, of course, has yet to be constructed.

 Once it has been constructed, it will presumably be possible to “get all the relevant bodies on board” one of the Metro trains.

 I wonder if any other readers have puns to share.

 Just a couple to start us off, maybe: “My friend had his sink unblocked by a plumber. He complained it was money down the drain.”

 “I have a twin brother. My mother has a photo of me when I was two.”

 Any more bright ideas?

Peter Pleydell

The forgotten North

I GOT to thinking the other day about the weather and living in the North of England.

 Governments, since goodness knows when, have refused to invest in the North.

 They won’t even repair the A1 up here. They just patch it up and ignore our pleas for more funding.

 This makes me think they know the bad weather is here to stay.

 Soon, the North will become an extension of the Arctic and we will all be forced to emigrate.

 The question is: Who would have us?

 No one after the glory days of the Empire when we behaved so badly.

 Us poor people in the North will simply have to become Eskimos and do our best at living a more basic kind of lifestyle.

 Until then, I’ll appreciate my local Co-op for all its marvellous provisions, while swotting up on fishing via YouTube.

Rose Hardings,