Letters, Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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WHAT are the reasons for the DMA attack?

FOLLOWING the recent article by Kevan Jones MP in which he continues his vitriolic attack on the Durham Miners’ Association, I feel I must reply.

 Firstly, why is he continuing this attack? Are there other forces behind him? I would have thought he would have other issues to address on behalf of his constituents.The country is in absolute despair, working people are continuing to be attacked by this Government with millions of workers subjected to zero-hour contracts and insufficient hours to earn a decent standard of living for their families.

 Secondly, it has recently been confirmed that living standards are actually falling in the North East. We have seen manufacturing all but disappear from the region, yet Mr Jones sees fit to direct his wrath on an organisation which has defended the rights of working and non-working people.

 David Hopper and the late David Guy were instrumental in gaining compensation totalling millions of pounds for former miners and the current office holders within the organisation have carried on this sterling work.

 Mr Jones made reference to the finances of the DMA – why is he interested?

 He has never been a member of the organisation so the affairs of the association are none of his business. He also appears to forget that the DMA has not had any working members for more than 20 years, yet the Durham Miners’ Gala remains the largest working class gathering in Europe, despite the efforts of some to sideline it.

 Mr Jones has proved in the past that he is adept at using Parliamentary privilege to attack certain individuals.

 May I take this opportunity to challenge him to a public debate where we can discuss the merits of the DMA which are in direct contrast to the self-serving antics of some Members of Parliament.

Alan Mardghum,


Laughing at us

EVERY Wednesday, I watch the House of Commons.

 Every time Mr Osborne reads our his list of cuts, Nick Clegg and David Cameron start laughing and clapping with the rest of the Tories. No the wonder the Lib Dems are finished. Nick Clegg agreed to the cuts, bedroom tax, changes to children’s allowances.

 Mr Cameron keeps saying there’s no money but he has given millions to other countries – charity begins at home.

 I don’t know how the Tories sleep at night.

 I was very surprised at how many pensioners voted for UKIP.

 Labour are the ones who gave pensioners the heating allowance, free bus passes and TV licence. You won’t get these from UKIP. They were all Tories.

 Last week Mr Cameron came to Shields. The interviewer told him the North East had 136,000 unemployed, the biggest in the country. His answer was everything is rosy.

 He just doesn’t live in the real world.

GS Cassidy,