Letters, Wednesday, June 3, 2013

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A disgrace that dogs foul in the cemetery

I AM fuming. While visiting my parents and brother’s grave at Bishopwearmouth cemetery, I noticed a load of dog’s mess.

 Why do people take a dog into the cemetery to do its business? And not even have the decency to pick it up.

 These are not decent people, they have no thought whatsoever for the deceased in their final resting place.

 While there I saw three people with dogs (not on leads). Had they been nearer I would have confronted them, but where is the so-called warden who should be doing this? We pay enough money to have our loved ones protected. I take my small grandson there, and I have to stop him sitting on the grass, in case a dog could have done its business there. It makes me so mad.

 Hopefully someone who is in a position to do something about it is reading this.

 I also think Bisopwearmouth cemetery could be maintained a lot better than it is, but nobody seems to care, only the relatives of those who have passed away.

 I have two dogs of my own, but I would never take them with me. I take them to parks and clean up after them, but maybe that’s asking too much of some people.

A dog lover

We know our place

I WAS so moved by D Wheldon’s letter about the removal of Di Canio as manager of SAFC that I had to write in support of his argument.

 Let’s face it, what self-respecting Sunderland supporter could follow a team like Chelsea or Man City? How could we look at our rivals at Wonga Park in the eye if we consistently finished above them in the league, holding a place in the top for season after season? How shameful would it be to be winning domestic trophies more than once every 40 years – and as for competing in Europe.

 Imagine the eyes of the world on us as we vie with the best in the world, the misery of Champions League games in a packed Stadium of Light. Or foreigners queuing to sign for our team. The mind boggles.

 Regarding the latter, exhibitionists that they are, coming here speaking three languages fluently, training hard and developing their skills – who do they think they are?

 What we need is a team of real British players (unless they hail from anywhere near the River Tyne) on huge wages, driving Range Rovers and Astons. They spread their wealth among the community, in night-clubs and casinos – like real men.

 Can you believe that foreign imports often insist on exercising self-discipline (some of them don’t even drink) and dedicate their lives to their families and profession when they could be topping up their tattoos or halving their handicaps. This is why we are exporting so many players to continental clubs.

 No, Sunderland’s rightful place is fighting for survival every year in the Premiership, or better still as a big (but not overly successful) fish in the small pond that is the Championship. We must rid ourselves of this crazy Di Canio and get back to true British footballing values.

John Bainbridge

Thanks for the help

MANY thanks to all parties involved in helping my 86-year-old father, who fell down on the morning of Thursday, June 6, in Lidcombe Close, especially the two people who turned their car around to assist my father and to the people in the bungalow.

 Unfortunately, Stanley suffered a broken hip, but is now recovering at home and making fine progress. Once again thanks to all involved. We appreciate all the help the neighbours have given Stanley at this time.

Kevin and June Walker

Spoiling the city

SUNDERLAND is a safe city to live, but it was sad to read about the poor girls subjected to a terrifying homophobic attack.

 What a bad impression it gives of our great city.

 In Vine Place on a weekend, the crossing beside Little Cuba is a no-go area with drunken behaviour.

 It’s putting a strain on our police and ambulance service. Why spoil a good city.

Mr P Prescot