Letters, Wednesday, June 25, 2014

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Need to stop this filthy practice

CAN anyone in authority advise me what or who I can contact with regards to dog owners who allow their dogs to relieve themselves on Hylton Road recreation football field.

 I have two little boys who love nothing better than to have a kick around with their football.

 Last week we had two days of sunny weather and they persuaded me to take them to this field, which I did.

 We were only there for about 20 minutes but what I saw was disgusting.

 People were turning up with their dogs just for them to relieve themselves. I even saw two cars pull up, one with two dogs and the other with one dog, and was astonished to see both drivers just open the doors and let the dogs out. They then got back in their cars and sat until their dogs had relieved themselves, then got them back in the car and drove off – no attempt was made to clear their mess up.

 Do you dog owners not realise this is a recreation field?

 When the weather is good our children can get out, get some exercise and fresh air, instead of being bored at home.

 Dog faeces have been proven to cause disease and blindness in children. So to our council officials, let’s have something organised to have this filthy practice stopped.

Mrs R Boyd,

Ford Estate

There’s no excuse

SO Steven Gerrard in his post match interview informs the waiting media that they were unlucky to come up against a team who were: “Clever, disruptive, defence minded, blah blah blah.”

 Yes, Steven, they were there to win a game of football.

 How this man has the nerve to sit there and make excuses for a team that were blatently not up to the job and, in fact played some or the worst football ever seen by an England team in many a year, beggars belief. His matter of fact attitude throughout the interview was an insult to the fans. Should he retire from international football? Yes.

 There’s a lot of people who believe he should have retired before now

M Mcardle


An absolute mess

I HAVE just been on my monthly visit to Sunderland. I went to Whitburn Cemetery, Front Street. What a mess it was. I dread to think when the grass was last cut.

 It took me ages to tidy up my nana’s grave.

 I don’t know if South Shields or Sunderland Council are in charge, but whichever it is, please, get something done. It is an eyesore.

 I also went to the cemetery in Chester Road. It’s also a mess.

Margaret Crosbie,


Count blessings

IN REPLY to bus stop madness. If they changed the bus time from 9.30am to 9am some people would want it changed to 8.30am.

 As for the destination speaker being loud, people should thank God that they have their eyesight and can see the stop coming up.

 So stop moaning and count your blessings and appreciate the buses you have.

Margaret Ball,