Letters, Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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Good news over parking problems

THERE was good news for city centre residents at the recent meeting of the Council’s Planning and Highways committee.

 It was agreed to seek to introduce a CPMS (community parking management scheme) in the wider Gorse Road/Ashmore area, covering the streets between Tunstall Terrace and Gorse Road in St Michael’s ward. This will give residents preference parking in their own street.

 If all goes to plan residents will be consulted on the detail of the scheme in the autumn.

 Residents – supported by their ward councillors – have been campaigning for a residents’ parking scheme for years. At last the principle has been agreed.

 There will be no let-up, on the part of residents or their councillors, until we see such a scheme in operation.

Couns Michael Dixon, Margaret Forbes and Peter Wood,

St Michael’s ward

It’s time to revolt

THE biggest worry for the people of this country is unlimited immigration but who is listening? Not our Government.

 The new EU Commission President, Jean-Calude Juncker, has openly said that “Britain has no hope of limiting free movement of workers around the EU”.

 Now we know that rocketing numbers of migrants from Spain, Greece, Italy and Portugal are heading to Britain because of the economic crisis in their countries (thanks to the EU and the euro). And there are five more countries in talks to join the EU.

 Now is seems that an extra £3.67billion is being sought from member states for this year’s budget. As it is the UK gives the EU £54million per day.

 This Government wants us to wait until 2017 for a referendum as the members are worried about retribution from the EU, should they leave.

 Time for a revolution?

Marjorie Matthews,


Not always guilty

PEOPLE may be surprised to know that the law of joint enterprise was first used to entrap all those involved in duelling, including doctors and gentlemen acting as “seconds”.

 Now community leaders in some cities argue the police use it as an excuse to round up groups of youths and charge them all with an offence which only one has committed.

 When I was a schoolboy, our teacher used to cane the whole class if someone misbehaved and didn’t own up. So everyone got punished because one person did something wrong. Where was the justice in that? Jimmy McGovern’s play was about an innocent lad who drives his mate to a takeaway.

 In McGovern’s play the forces of law and order are always in the wrong. Maybe he should have dramatised a case like the murder of Kevin Johnson where the three lads involved were clearly guilty?

 Joint enterprise fell into disrepute as a result of Derek Bently’s execution in 1953. Bently had given himself up to police and was technically under arrest when the co-accused Chris Craig murdered PC Miles.

Paul Manning,