Letters, Wednesday, January 9, 2013

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ENOUGH is enough, Mr Cameron

ANOTHER year over, a new one starting and just the same rubbish for the normal folk in this life.

 David Cameron has pledged more money for aid abroad but yet the people who are vulnerable and needy are getting cut to the bone – normal people who can’t do anything about it.

 Cameron has been revelling in his job since he was made Prime Minister. You can see it in his face – he loves it.

 Kids go to school having no breakfast, soup kitchens open for people who need a meal, benefits cut or taken away, people being made to go back to work and who have died doing just that, but what has happened – nothing.

 Guide dogs for the blind cost too much to train so they are being taken away and what will happen – nothing. Dogs that are a lifeline to someone who can’t see or who are partially sighted. How far is this going to go Mr Cameron?

 He will not listen to anyone – he knows best. He says we have to be realistic and optimistic for 2013, in what way? The country is failing, that’s realistic but what can you be optimistic about? Oh I know, the money that is being sent abroad is helping people out and it could get better if only we can send a little bit more.

 No one anywhere is actually asking why he pledged all this money to different countries when people in this country are left destitute. It’s that bad for some it’s like living in a Charles Dickens’ novel we have gone that far back and it’s only going to get worse.

 The rich are living it up like they always have and the poor are getting trod into the ground like they will always do. Until someone, somewhere says enough is enough we will be dictated to in every way.

B Crute,

High Barnes

Change to politics

WHAT an amazing year for politics and especially for us in UKIP.

 We finished the year on 15 per cent in the opinion polls and are now seen as a mainstream political party.

 A year that saw all the key campaigning issues that we have fought for over the years now at the centre ground of the national debate.

 We are now recognised as a party with policies for both local and national government.

 As the days and weeks go by, more and more people get to know our policies and as soon as they hear them, they come and vote for us. This was demonstrated here in the North East when UKIP came second in the Middlesbrough by-election.

 In an article for a Sunday newspaper, Labour MP Jon Cruddas summed up the state of UK politics when he said: “Politics was always about us (Labour) and them (Conservatives). Two teams, camps, gangs, crews, tribes call them what you will, but basically left and right.”

 How right he is. Two parties who are constantly bickering and indulging in name calling politics while doing all they can to keep themselves in power. They forget about the hard working people who put them in their privileged financially position, which is abused by many at the expense of the hard pressed taxpayer.

 They don’t really listen to what the electorate want. They play their own game of party politics with their agendas designed to maintain the system which keeps them in Parliament. They always claim to know what’s best for us, when it’s really what’s best for them.

 He went on to say: “But 2013 will be the breakthrough year of four-party politics, with UKIP the big winners.”

 I believe he is right and not before time. With the rise of UKIP I foresee a change in UK politics and it will be the great, hardworking, kind and tolerant British people who will benefit from a party with common sense policies.

 A huge thank you to all who have supported us in the PCC and local elections and the Middlesbrough by-election.

 I wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Richard Elvin,

Chairman, UKIP North East

Hospital fine

MY friend came home after a hip operation, two days later his leg become swollen.

 A GP was called and his wife was told to get him to hospital as it might be a blood clot.

 She put money in the parking meter but when she came out she was fined £40 because it was over the time.

 Sunderland Royal Hospital should fly the Swastika flag – Durham is the best.

Mr Watson,


No entertainment

THE TV licence is not for entertainment, it’s to pay for the over-staffed and overpaid BBC TV people.

 Christmas TV, like always, was rubbish.

D Tate

Not in our land

I HAVE been watching the Andre Rieu DVD, Under The Stars.

 There must have been thousands of people, all enjoying it, yet if that had been in Iraq or Pakistan a crowd like that could be blown to bits.

 So why do we let these nutters into our land.

Mr J Humphreys,