Letters, Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

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Time to harness the power of the sea

I DON’T know what other people think, but I consider the hideous wind turbines we see everywhere now look very low-power efficient and resemble old aeroplane propellers. Surely there must be someone who can design a much more power-efficient module such as a perpetual motion wind-activated machine?

We should hold a competition for a future design. Who knows, an infant could solve this problem or a residential care OAP. Someone out there has the ability to invent the turbine to change the world and our pockets in future. Other major alternatives to seeking national power for fuel production should be sought too, such as sea turbines.

Everyone must have moments they remember forever. Well, one of my moments was from 1953 at Whitburn Beach. I was with some of my mates. We stood on top of an air raid shelter when a giant wave lifted all five of us over one hundred yards into the sea. From that freezing, soaking, shock-filled moment we all gained total respect for the mighty raging sea. I ask you: if in just one second, one wave can transport five of us with such power, what could the seas do for us around the clock?

Sea turbines are being researched and developed now and I can’t think what is taking these scientists so long to install them and reduce our fuel bills dramatically. We shouldn’t have to sit and worry about whether we can we afford to put the electric fire on when it’s bitterly cold.

Jimmy Chambers, Durham Avenue, Donwell

Store designs

AS an individual who was trained many years ago in the time of personal service, it has stood me in good stead for today’s shopping, but what does concern me now, and maybe other residents in our city, is the recent artist’s impression of the Tesco large store for the almost derelict Sunderland Retail Park at Roker.

One generally sees this company, the largest of the big four, building large sheds, with tin roof or mainly flat roofs, nothing really attractive at all. At least one does use wood, stained-glass in some aspects and, just as important, public clocks, as we don’t really have many in our city that work.

The best were Joplings and the £30,000 Lambton Worm clock in The Galleries.

Tesco are so big, designers could come up with something more attractive. Of course, some readers will say the £600million upgrading of Marks and Spencer stores nationally will be the same. Shopping has become a leisure pursuit, though online shopping is making us lazy, really.

Bill Craddock, Donwell Road, Washington

Thanks for party

WE would like the chance to thank everyone in the Pennywell Youth Club who had a hand in organising the splendid Christmas party for the members of our Wednesday morning coffee club.

We would like to thank the kitchen staff who cooked a superb Christmas dinner with such laughter and good humour, Charlie, Dennis and Maxwell, our lovely ladies Betty and Ann for their patience in serving us.

Not forgetting Mel, our bingo caller, who is not only a beautiful singer but supplies us with jokes as well. We would like to thank Gentoo for their help, and a special thanks to our dear Fred Chilton who quietly sits there not

saying much but is always ready with his help and support.

Last but not least is Joan who made our party and coffee mornings possible and for all the effort she puts in to make our party and coffee mornings so enjoyable, not just at Christmas but all the year round. She is a lovely lady who doesn’t like fuss, so we would just like to say thank you Joan, we love you. So well done everyone concerned, you did us all proud!

Hoping we haven’t left anyone out, wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Brenda Turlbeck, Parkhurst Road, Pennywell

Wonderful panto

I JUST had to comment on the review in the Echo of the panto at the Royalty Theatre.

I go every year with my grandchildren, and the fantastic men, women and children who give all their time for free and put on a wonderful panto were as magical as ever. The story was funny and flowed, the cast were all great and the theatre was full of children’s smiling faces.

So myself and my grandchildren would like to wish all who were involved in the panto a very Merry Christmas and thank you to you all for giving your time to give us all a Merry Christmas. Well worth seeing.

Mrs B. Wilkinson, Seaburn

Bingo thank-you

I WOULD like to thank Gala Bingo for the lovely party on December 16. Entertainment, food and staff participation made the day. Thank you.

Violet Eastick, Falkland Road, Ford Estate