Letters, Tuesday, October 7, 2014

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Discrimination will only get worse

 Mr Brown believes this would create two classes of MPs in Westminster, completely ignoring the fact that it was he and his compatriots north of the border, who were instrumental in forcing English universities to charge tuition fees. Meanwhile, thanks to the devolved Scottish parliament, and the English taxpayer, Scottish students get their university education for free.

 Is this really fair in what is supposed to be a united country?

 Of course not, but we can be doubly sure that if Ed Miliband and the Labour Party win the next election, then this deliberate discrimination will not only continue, but undoubtedly get worse.

M Brown,


Family let down

SO once again the only person on a different planet to everyone else regarding the rabbit torture case is the judge.

 Disgusting, cruel thugs have done unspeakable things to a beloved family pet, bragged about it and got a slap on the wrist.

 Is this judge aware of what is going on in council estates in 2014 and what respectable people are having to put up with from drug and alcohol-fueled yobs?

 Yet again, a decent, caring family have been let down by a judge who is as far from reality as is possible.

Ralph Arnold,


Absolute disgrace

IT is an absolute disgrace that a man with a leg broken in two places and in desperate need for an operation was left lying in pain for more than three hours.

 Surely, the ambulance service should have had an idea how bad it was when different people kept ringing the service for the man.

 It is not just heart attacks and strokes that are emergencies. How many suspected heart attacks were just false alarms? Why are tax-paying people not being given the service that they pay for?

 If you can’t help people like this when they need it, perhaps cuts need to be made somewhere else in the health service – waste, too many clerical or managerial staff etc – to provide another ambulance or two or an ambulance car.

 At this rate, people will be frightened to keep fit by playing sports in case they are ignored and in pain for hours.

 If people don’t keep fit, that will be another drain on the health service.

Name and address supplied

An all-time great

ANNE Shelton was born on Saturday, November 10, 1923, in Dulwich, London, and was a singer of some great songs.

 During the Second World War, she entertained the troops, touring with the Glenn Miller Orchestra. After the war, Anne signed to Phillips, Decca and HMV Records, mixing with stars such as Arthur Askey, Vera Lynn, Frankie Vaughan, Marion Ryan, Ruby Murray and Faith Brown.

 Sadly, on Sunday, July 31, 1994 she died at the age of 70. I won’t forget the original British singing star icon, the late Anne Shelton.

Terry Christie