Letters, Tuesday, November 4, 2014

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Wrong time for a football match

ON Sunday, November 9, Sunderland AFC are scheduled to play against Everton in a Premier League fixture kicking off at 1.30pm.

 As most people will know, that same day is Remembrance Sunday, when we all remember the dead from two world wars and many others.

 The service in Burdon Road at the war memorial begins at 11am, as it does at every other memorial throughout the country.

 I am wondering why on earth a football match in the Premier League is scheduled to start so close to the timing of a ceremony that takes place at every war memorial in the land, at that specific day every year?

 Apart from anything else, many of the main streets will be closed to traffic around that time.

 I would have thought that the Remembrance ceremony would have taken precedence over any other event, not matter how big it was.

 Incidentally, I am also a keen football supporter of the Black Cats.

A A Kelly,

Tunstall Vale.

Legends couldn’t make it today

CAN Sunderland AFC please open a pensioners’ paddock?

 As everyone knows, I am a super-fan, but I am sick of older supporters going on about the good old days and the Team of All Talents.

 They go on about Shackleton, Ford,and Revie as if they were superstars.

 They describe in great detail how Shack dribbled around six or seven players and nearly burst the net with a thirty-yard pile driver. The fact is these players simply were not good enough to get in the present team.

 Many of them held down another job and liked a fag.

 They couldn’t cope with today’s Premiership demands and I am sick of them going on about the past with rose-tinted glasses.

 Please can we move on.

Mick ‘The Pen’ Brown,

via e-mail.

Time to let Paul sink or swim?

ONCE again we are subject to reports that Paul Gascoigne has fallen off the wagon.

 Yet again, his famous friends rally around to offer their support while telling anyone who will listen how sad it is for him to find himself in this position, what a great bloke he is and all he needs is support and understanding.

 Look, this is a bloke who literally had the world at his feet, a gifted footballer who played for some of the best teams in the world. He made millions and was idolised by millions.

 Unfortunately, he decided to throw it all away. Time after time, friends and family have tried to help him, and time after time he throws it back in their faces. Time to let him sink or swim.

M Mcardle,