Letters, Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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Couting cost of high fuel prices

AT every opportunity Labour Shadow Minister Caroline Flint is on her feet attacking this Government over the cost of energy.

 It is always tempting to ask: What did Labour do about this during its 13 “glorious” years in power?

 Well they certainly did nothing to improve the price of fuel.

 In 2002 under a Labour Government all remaining price controls were lifted – the last piece of regulation on the industry.

 Under the existing rules, the supply companies could not increase prices beyond a “cap” imposed by Ofgem.

 In addition, British Gas must reflect any price changes across all of its tariffs.

 Consumer groups expressed concern that this would have a detrimental effect on low income groups and Britain’s four to six million who were deemed “fuel poor”.

 However, Labour stood by and watched. Now 11 years later they complain about the cost of fuel.

 Further more in 2010 these fine words were spoken regarding fuel tax: “Everyone has a responsibility to accept higher fuel bills as a price for saving the planet from the perils of global warming”.

 This was from the then Labour Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband.

Alan Wright,


What miseries

WHAT is it with people?

 First the God botherers are whining on about not being able to get to church because of the marathon. Now we’ve got endless letters about the parents who have the audacity to drop their kids of at school.

 It’s always the people who don’t have kids or the ones whose kids have left school, whining on about how “my kids walked to school”.

 They complain about the extra school activities but what they mean is the cars arriving and departing are upsetting the viewing of their precious soap operas. Where did all these Victor Meldrews come from.

Ged Taylor,


Joys of the forum

YOU can usually find me at the library seated at one of the free computers at which I browse the internet.

 I found the Echo online whereupon I came across the forum which was jolly useful – before it was dropped during modernisation. I found out that it is basically impossible to return the City Of Adelaide and the Sunderland Flying Boat to the town, sorry, city, that the Vaux site will be just that for the fore-seeable future, that Crazy Foam preceded shaving foam and that Mick Brown worked out that Csar Kazum was my good self.

 I then asked: Where is the piece of elephant’s hide that resided outside of chippies and then mysteriously disappeared? Where did the honours boards from my old Alma Mater, Bede School go from the walls of the assembly halls when it became a college? But I’m afraid I’m no further forward. Do any readers know anything about the items mentioned?

 Now, I know, you are probably thinking that I did not get much change from my inquiries in the forum but I must add that I did find out that parts of Binns magnificent circular staircase, resplendant with brass studs to stop boys sliding down it still exists – still visible where it hasn’t been boxed in – so all was not lost in my online enquiries .

 AH! hold on, I found that last bit out by asking a chappie who works in the library which was once Binns as everybody knows.

Alan ‘The Quill’ Vincent