Letters, Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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Children to miss out on play area

ON visiting my mother in Castletown, I was pleased to hear the news that the old workmen’s club overlooking us, which has lain derelict for some time, is to be replaced by a new block containing 12 two-bedroom apartments.

 This is good news for the regeneration of the area, and is a good planning decision. I also understand that as part of the planning permission conditions, the developers have to contribute to the area, in the form of a children’s play area.

 Again, a worthy policy, and welcomed by my friends in Castletown, whose small children would love a place to play at this end of the village.

 Some hope! On checking out the planning permission, we found that £8,412 has been generously given by the developers for this purpose – and where has the council chosen to spend this largesse? The Downhill Outdoor Sports Complex.

 So if the mums of Castletown wish to use this facility, they only have to push their pushchairs over two miles, mostly up a very steep, long hill, to the already very nice Downhill site.

 With all the new housing that’s being developed, it’s a pity the council is giving away Castletown’s money to other areas instead of investing in its children.

M Crosby

East Herrington

Referendum bribe

WE do not want a referendum on In/Out of the EU after the next election. That would be called locking the stable doors after the horses have gone.

 We need one now, or before January 2014, so the damage to our country of two more countries having the right to come to the UK at will cannot take place.

 The Tory bribery of vote for them in 2015 as the only way to get a referendum – is no more than you expect of politicians.

 Well, the power of the population is stronger than that of the MPs – so what are we going to do?

Majorie Matthews,


Miners’ memorial

I WAS watching the BBC (May 7) item about the Bevin boys.

They were standing around a big monument honouring the boys who worked down the pits during the Second World War. The Bevin boys said they were pleased that they had finally been thanked.

 A few years ago I wrote to 10 Downing Street about the miners who worked for years. My late father-in-law worked for 51 years. Both my husband and father-in-law started at Ryhope Colliery when they were 14 years old. The Bevin boys got badges a few years ago. I was told there was no records kept about all the real miners who were all finished when the pits closed in England, Scotland and Wales.

 It seems funny how they kept all the Bevin Boys’ files.

 We have a small stone in memory of the hundreds of miners killed in Ryhope beside the old library that has been vandalised.

 I think it is insulting. It was a small stone. A bigger memorial should be built and put beside the horse statue at the top of Tunstall Bank, beside the Venerable Bede school. Other mining villages have them in the middle of their village.

G Cassidy,