Letters, Tuesday, March 25, 2014

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Cash was always available for bridge

IN the Echo’s report on the investment in the city by the Conservative-led Government it is stated that part of the investment is “£82.5million of funding that finally gives the green light to the long-awaited new road bridge over the Wear”.

 When saying “finally” it suggests the project was held up by the Government.

 In fact, the funding for the bridge was provided by the Government about 12 months ago, but the scheme for the Iconic Bridge had to be shelved because the council had underestimated the cost of building the planned bridge.

 Obviously, because they are now building a different type of bridge approval to use the money on this had to be sought.

Alan Wright,


Not sure Benn was a true Socialist

BACK in the 1960s, I attended a Martins Bank dinner-dance where the guest speaker was Edward Du Cann, the Conservative politician.

 He informed us that not only did Anthony Wedgewood Benn have a Swiss Bank Account, but that he(Du Cann) knew the number of it.

 Add to this the fact that Benn owned a £3,000,000 mansion in Kensington and Chelsea, could he really be classed a good socialist?

 However, despite the fact that Benn was proved wrong about almost everything, I had to agree with one point in his memoirs, namely, Gordon Brown was” not fit to run a corner shop”.

J Watson,


Panto was a great evening of fun

CONGRATULATIONS to all involved in the pantomime Puss in Boots, which was performed at Burn Park Methodist Church last week.

 The actors ranged in age from young to not-so-young and it was good to see them working so well together on stage – their enthusiasm was plain to see.

  There was a good range of music in the pantomime and the costumes were striking, with most of them made specially in-house.

 It was a most enjoyable evening’s entertainment and all for five pounds.

 Well done everyone.

Ashley Sutherland

Centre past its best

I AM sick of people moaning in the Echo about the closure of the leisure centre and especially the ice-rink.

 It’s no good blaming the council or the authorities, they are not to blame – the public are.

 If these facilities had been used and were constantly busy it would still be open.

 Let’s face facts, it is only since Dancing On Ice appeared on TV that the demise of the rink was mentioned.

 Unfortunately, the majority were not interested in what was on offer in the centre or went further afield to Durham.

 Yes, the leisure centre was good in its day but that was a long time ago and over the years it has turned into a poison chalice – just standing like a eyesore.

 Personally, I am glad to see the back of it.

 There was just no point in trying to keep it going.

Mick, The Pen, Brown