Letters, Tuesday, July 16, 2013

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Volunteers should be paid for expenses

IN response to the recent letters regarding volunteering, while it is all good and well being thanked for giving our time free of charge, I wonder if people are aware that certain charities do not reimburse their volunteers for any out-of-pocket expenses.

 I, personally, find this practice to be wholly unacceptable and totally unjustifiable, both morally and financially, as it is my understanding that it would affect only a small percentage of these volunteers.

 Yes, volunteering is a wonderful thing and can sometimes lead to paid employment, but surely it is not unreasonable for those volunteers (particularly the ones on benefits) to be repaid for things like bus fares.

 Given the vast profits some of these charities declare, how about paying some of it back to the people who help make this happen?

Mrs McKenna,


Time for a ban on Chinese lanterns

I AM in full agreement with fire chiefs and MPs in wanting Chinese lanterns banned. What I cannot understand is how the nanny state allowed them ever to be sold in the first place.

 Weren’t school children stopped from playing with conkers in the playground at one time, unless they wore safety goggles?

 Fire is not a thing to be played with. The RNLI (Sunderland Echo, July 3) urged people setting off lanterns to do so responsibly.

 However, once those things are launched, responsibly or not, no one has any control over them whatsoever.

 If those lanterns hit the ground and do not burst into flames, then we are left with litter.

 Do we not have enough wind-born litter on our trees and telegraph wires in the form of plastic bags, or litter in our streets? Get them banned now!

 It is also high time that Guy Fawkes’ night was banned. It would not be so bad if it was just for one night, but fireworks are set off night after night weeks before and after the event.

 Fireworks are not toys, they are an explosive. If people like bonny coloured lights, then let them buy fairy lights and lasers.

 Some might say if the council runs a firework display it should be safe enough, but what about pollution, smoke and fumes? Besides, isn’t it just burning money?

 Fairy lights and lasers can be used over and over again, plus they could be powered by a wind turbine or solar panels. Guy Fawkes is dead, and well past his sell-by date!

Mr R Tomlinson,


MPs must be taking the rise, surely ...

I’M WRITING about the MPs deciding to give themselves a pay rise or not. It beats me, they are trying to save money and think of daft laws to bring out, like the bedroom tax and so on, and yet they are thinking of a pay rise.

 It’s always the same, the MPs are out for their own ends and to furnish their own pockets.

 And while I’m on my soap box, this is also what I think.

 The authorities say they are going to do something and that they want our views.

 It’s no good asking our views, if they say they are going to do something, they are going to do it.

 All of this is just to pat themselves on the back, to make themselves feel good.

 This is just my view on things.

Edwin Robinson,


Time for the Metro to reach Washington

WHEN will the Metro be extended to Washington? We have the old Metropolitan track to Usworth. I’ve been told it would cost £1million a mile. No problem.

 It would be worth every penny, boosting the local economy and creating jobs etc.  

 Sunderland is a great City with great potential.

Mr P Prescat,