Letters, Tuesday, July 15, 2014

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Don’t cut special needs education

I AM writing about Sunderland City Council education department’s plans to close the deaf unit, place it in mainstream school and to cut some places.

 I am the mother of a special needs daughter and she was in mainstream school. The school she attended did their best to teach her but she found it very hard due to her special needs.

 When she went to a special needs school, she was given the right support, made some progress and was able to cope better than in mainstream school.

 Mainstream schools often have larger classes. The teacher has to manage a big class and give attention to many pupils. Pupils with special needs require extra teaching and attention. This makes it an impossible situation and everyone suffers – both mainstream and special needs pupils.

 There should be no cuts to special needs provision in Sunderland.

 There needs to be provision at all times in special needs, and placing special needs pupils in mainstream classes causes problems. This is not fair on the teacher, school or the pupils.

Mrs BA Houghton,


TV propaganda

IT was sad to read Michael Cavanagh’s recent letter concerning his disgust and his “what about poor me” attitude to the television programme Benefit Street.

 It’s not so much a debate that’s going on all over the country, as rage, blame and condemnation aimed at the people on the programme.

 The producers of this show searched to find the lowest common denominators as they knew the people picked would create, in their eyes, “good telly”, and damn the consequences.

 The people who watch this programme laugh and pour scorn in equal measure on these people, who are no more than pawns in a game overseen by the rich and powerful. The producers are hoping the viewers’ rage at the programme, with discussions spilling over at work and in the pubs, will take the blame away from the politicians, business leaders and bankers, as to the real reason the country is in the state it is.

 The problem is not the people on ‘benefit streets’ but the naive people who watch, judge and blame these people for the problems in this country.

 I’ve known thieves and scroungers all my life, but to blame them for a nation’s plight– come on.

Ged Taylor,


Time to move on

SOME people were saying on social networks that they were looking forward to Durham Miners’ Gala, saying that it was the ‘best day of the year’.

 These people need to get out more.

 The pits are no more. History. Defunct.

 It’s time to consign the banners to Beamish Museum and move on with the times.

John, The Pun, Watson