Letters, Tuesday, January 7, 2014

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Politicians live in a world of their own

HERE we are again being lured into the belief that restrictions being placed upon migrants into this country from outside the EU will solve all our problems – problems that are obvious to everyone except the Coalition Government.

 We are still struggling with our economy, although things are looking brighter, as most of the newspapers suggest.

 However, if we are just easing out of the economic mess left by the last Labour Government, why should we be allowing a significant increase in migration, not only from outside the EU, but from the within the EU?

 Surely, the evidence is clear – this country cannot sustain a further influx of economic refugees, despite what the EU Commissioners have ordered us to do.

 Some people tell us that the country needs young people with skills which is reason enough, but many counter this simplication as being unworkable because of the huge number of unskilled people who are expected to enter the country.

 The door has, of course, been opened and Keith Vaz MP was there to welcome them – a Labour MP who when in Government survived involvement in a shady deal with passports and who is now the chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee.

 During his welcoming, the start of the open door to Romanians and Bulgarians, he added that it was the right of the British people to decide whether the rules governing free movement across the continent should be changed.

 Where is he and other blinkered politicians like him coming from?

 Poll after poll indicates that the majority of the British people do not want to be in the EU and want an early referendum – not waiting until 2017 when it will be too late.

 There are those among us who remember a banner headline in a tabloid newspaper just prior to the 1992 Election: “If Kinnock is elected, will the last person to leave please put out the light.”

Coun George Howe,

Fulwell ward

Unfair pensions

GORDON Chalk of the Fire Brigade Union (December 30) is quite correct in saying that everyone is entitled to a decent pension.

 Unfortunately, unless you work in the public sector, the chances are you won’t have one.

 In this day and age, surely no one should pay into an enhanced pension for someone else when they might well not be able to afford one of their own?

 It’s time to scrap subsidised pension schemes, and allow people to make their own choices on such matters.

 Then it would be a level playing field for everyone.

M Brown

Costly paint job

I DIDN’T notice W Quinn writing a letter of condemnation when Gordon Brown spent £99million of taxpayers’ money when refurbishing Queen Anne’s Gate, or when the Blairs charged us £20,000 for a nursery for baby Leo.

 I’d have thought a cot and a tin of blue paint would have come cheaper than that, even in London.

 As for top class suppliers, look no further than Derry Irvine spending £200 a roll on wallpaper, again, out of the public purse.

J Watson,


Help for horse

IN response to C Hutchinson’s letter regarding his concerns about a tethered horse, you should contact the British Horse Society on 02476 840500.

 I have reported concerns to them in the past and they have responded immediately, and given me feedback on the outcome.

Nicola Murley

Bring back ice rink

I WOULD like the council to consider reopening the ice rink in Sunderland.

 I think it was not nice of the council to close it.

 I am a mother and I have a son who likes ice skating. He works hard and deserves some leisure time.

 I am sure that mothers in the town will probably feel the same way. Please consider this letter seriously.

Mrs MA Sherrington,