Letters, Thursday, September 11, 2014

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Lots of men will be caught short

AS readers may remember, I have already penned a letter about Sunderland’s dwindling public conveniences twice before into the letters page, but now I feel I must air my ire on the subject of the public conveniences in the city centre, and I congratulate myself on remembering our status as opposed to always typing ‘town’, then correcting myself.

 I have just come from the Park Lane bus station where I made use of the facilities available to the good people of Sunderland, whereupon I espied several typed notices, of which the message ended ‘apologies for the inconvenience’. I found this extremely ironic considering where the aforementioned signs were situated, for they were stuck onto the wall of the public conveniences.

 Now, as people that frequent the city centre will know, there are only three sets of amenities available and as one of them is in the Bridges, they close when the Bridges closes at 6pm, as do the amenities at Park Lane itself, leaving Park Lane interchange as the only place available locally.  

 These would then stay open until after the last bus, that is until a year or so ago, where I presume they stayed open until 10pm, or perchance an hour earlier.

  Subsequently now due to the earlier closing times, we will have crowds of men leaving the public houses faced with no amenities to use and I can imagine the scenes some folk will have to put up with on future late nights.

Alan ‘The Quill’ Vincent,

Old Penshaw.

An interesting use for scooters

ME and my mates were sitting in the Willow Pond pub the other day, trying to put the world to rights. That’s what folk in good pubs do.

 The great thing about this is, you can argue about anything from religion to politics,the two things you’re not supposed to talk about,and no one takes offence regardless of political allegiances or the religious convictions anyone has.

 There was me Stibbsy, Davey the Bike, Tall Paul, Blue, Big Gordy, The Farmer and African Jeff – he’s called that because every time he has a few pints, he starts speaking Swahili – when Blue, who isn’t the fizziest drink in the fridge, came up with a pearl of wisdom. He said there seems to be an enormous amount of mobility scooters about, and the people on them will invariably be on benefits, so these scooters should be adapted to clean the streets of our great city.

 It kills two birds with one stone, he reckons. First it will get those on the scooters working for their benefits, and second, the council, with all the cutbacks they have to deliver, can get rid of lots of street cleaners. It’s a no brainer, said Blue, and a lot agreed, none more than Burley in the far corner. I’m certain Blue was joshing, and I thought it a bit too Cameron – not thought out at all. But in a parliament or pub, we’re all allowed a voice.

Ged Taylor,


Catch of the day

AS an 80-year-old now, I have memories of Roker Pier. In my early years, I caught a black-type thing, which I was going to throw back, but an old man said he would have it. A long time later, I learned it was a lobster. Do kids still fish with old bicycle wheel trims these days and catch lobsters?

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