Letters, Thursday, October 9, 2014

Have your say

Tories are to give us a say at last

AT last the Conservative Party has decided, if elected, to give the country its own Bill of Rights and shove the European version into history.

 Along with a Referendum, it is giving British people the right to decide whether or not they want to remain in the European Union.

 The free movement of people will be regulated and unchecked migration will be curtailed as will the generous benefits currently being handed out. Taking away the carrot will take away the lure of Britain.

 As a Conservative councillor representing Fulwell ward, I am responsible for representing my constituents, but I have also campaigned for these two hugely important issues to be addressed.

 The task has been burdensome, but now the decision has been made and the electorate will be able to determine the course that our country should take.

 The Labour Party reneged upon its promise to allow the country a referendum. The Lib/Dems categorically stated they would not. UKIP, which has been given a boost by the two defections from the Conservatives, is thirsting for power – power it has no chance of securing as a vote for UKIP would result in Labour gaining power and that would be disastrous for the country.

 The latest polls,asking who would make the best Prime Minister, placed Mr Miliband 19 points behind David Cameron and on the eve of the Lib/Dems conference, Nick Clegg’s party has shrunk to a six per cent rating

 Apart from introducing new plans protecting British values, the Prime Minister has said that Scottish MPs will be barred from voting on English laws once powers are devolved. More people are to be taken out of income tax. Twenty four million people will have their personal allowance increased to £12,500 before tax. There will be a crackdown on zero-hours contract, together with youth unemployment. A 20 per cent discount will be available for first-time buyers. The future for Britain is bright under the Conservatives.

Coun George Howe,

Fulwell ward

No advantages

THE EU caused the civil war in Ukraine.

 It suggested that Ukraine could join the EU – always wanting to enlarge the EU at any cost.

 Russia then acted to grab Ukraine, causing the civil war that now exists.

 The EU wanted Turkey to join.

 Look at the state of Turkey now, with thousands of Syrians fleeing over the borders to Turkey daily, which will end up bankrupting the country.

 Look at the UK with at least five million more people to house, and look after, thanks to the free movement of people in the EU – people from other countries just seem to to come here at will.

 France, a euro country of course, is now being called the Sick Man of Europe, and migrants put their lives at risk to get to the UK, away from their declining country.

 I have often asked for people to tell us any of the advantages of us being in the EU – I am still waiting for an answer.

Majorie Matthews,