Letters, Thursday, October 18, 2012

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Man destroying all the good in the world

THE beginning of rational life was about 10,000 BC.

 For many years man has invented machines to help in his quest for a good life. Now man has decided to spend millions of pounds, soon to be billions to make one machine, ie, the Hadron Collider.

 Such a waste to split the atom’s atom, to learn how scientists believe the universe was made millions of years ago. Such brain power which could be better used to conquer today’s illnesses, to conquer man’s death from disease, instead they’d rather find quicker ways to destroy.

 Nature has created many wondrous things and we create ways to destroy nature’s wonders. Is it any wonder nature retaliates once in a while with earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, tornados etc?

 I think some people in Britain are trying to make Britain a Third World Country. Television and such ask people to send £2 or £3 a month to save this, that or the other. How many this, that or the others could be saved for the price of a Hadron Collider, or an unmanned trip to Mars. But such things are not important enough.

 No one has any money but everyone has a mobile phone, i-Phone, laptop, computer, flat screen tv, games consoles, even jailbirds serving time have it all (it’s their human right). I wish victims had the same rights.

 They think we may have world peace in 200 to 300 years time – maybe 1,000 years – if we have not destroyed ourselves first.

 Somewhere, someone once coined a phrase “it’s a free country”. Now England “is” to anyone who wants to come over.

 So much good in the world, trying to make good and so much evil succeeds too well.

 Many people fought in the First and Second World War. Now the whole world continues to fight and will do for may years to come.

 So endeth this lesson.

John A Stott,




What a fiasco

ON Saturday, October 6, my wife and I were on our way to Aldi for a bit of shopping, but were waylaid by a protest by the BNP/NF in St Mark’s Road about the proposed building of a mosque in St Mark’s Road.

 The police were out in very large numbers, about 100 to 150 police officers, around 15 police vans, plus cars.

 What concerns me is who is going to pay the police for attending these protests.

 One thing is for sure, the cost of policing these protests will run into many thousands of pounds.

 I am told this is the third protest and that the BNP/NF is going to be protesting in St Mark’s Road every month. If this is so then any money generated from the sale of the building that is going to be turned into a mosque will clearly be going to the police for attending these protests.

 That will leave our divine rulers in the civic centre with very little money, if anything at all, from the sale of the building.

 What a fiasco!

R McKinnon,

Hume Street,


Open up bridge

YOUR correspondent Kevin Leary echoes my thoughts of five months ago (May 14) in respect of opening up North Bridge Street and Fawcett Street to two-way traffic as intended.

 I am given to understand that for some years, the person responsible for traffic flow was,indeed, a non-driver.

David Hegarty,

Three Trees,

Gillas Lane West,


Prisoner at home

I HAVE always tried to live a healthy life.

 I’ve never smoked or drank and watched my calorie intake as well as being an avid walker.

 I am now in my 69th year and, unbelievably, suffered a stroke, leaving me unable to move without apparatus and assistance.

 I have been unable to venture outside my home for nine months, because promised home access alterations have been unforthcoming.

 The few sunny days we have had, I’ve spent looking out of my window.

 My friend of 78 years has damaged his bicep muscle in his left arm beyond repair, attempting to get my wheelchair out of the door of my home, preventing my hope of freedom and fresh air.

 I’ve never been a person to complain until now, where I find myself pleading for help, as I am not receiving it from the proper channels, who promised to phone me back regarding my enquires, but failed to do so.

 I feel as though I am an innocent prisoner without hope.

B Prior,

Cockermouth Road,

Hylton Castle Estate,


Thanks for help

I WOULD like to thank the person who came to my aid when I fell in Sunderland Town Centre.

 I would like to let them know that apart from feeling some embarrasment I am fine.

Mrs W Welsh,