Letters, Thursday, November 27, 2014

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We desperately need referendum

WHEN will the political parties get it?

 The worries of the vast majority of our people are over-population of this small island and the money-wasting rulings by the EU.

 Our economic improvement means that we are to be punished by the EU with £1.7billion to be given to the euro-ruined countries and now there is a demand for £680million for “unpaid bills” of the EU.

 Our NHS is in crisis and our A&Es are overwhelmed. We are paying stand-in doctors £1,700 per day. Our British doctors are trained here, then many vanish abroad for an easier life.

 Our prisons are overcrowded, the education standard of our children is down, thanks to immigration and the many different languages involved. The demand for housing too is so great it can never be met.
 In Calais, where thousands of asylum seekers wait to get to Britain, the French waive the EU rule that immigrants must stay in the first safe country they arrive at.

 One rule for them and another for us!

 Romanian Nicu Popescu’s wife and five children are heading to England to live off the state where they will be housed and given benefits. They are entitled because he is a “self-employed” scrap worker. Their benefits will amount to £25,000 per year.

 It would seem that UKIP are giving the political parties the fright they all badly need, and not before time.

 We need that EU referendum straight after the next election.

Marjorie Matthews,


Fine them all for obstructing roads

I MUST sympathise with the residents living near George Washington School regarding selfish school runners parking in their private road.

 Something should be done about this nuisance.

 Outside Usworth Colliery School it is even worse. You just close your eyes and hope for the best when pulling out of the T-junction from Silverstone Way onto Manor Road due to inconsiderate people parking all over the junction.

 Buses struggle to get through, just because lazy people can’t be bothered to walk to and from school with their kids. They probably only live half a mile away.

  Let’s get a warden down there and ticket them all for obstructing the highway.

John, The Pun, Watson


Thanks to couple who helped me

MANY thanks to the lady and gentleman who on Monday, November 17, answered their door on Sunderland Road, Cleadon Vale, and gave me their help. My thanks for what you did and for allowing me to use your mobile phone, in fact, for organising the whole thing.

 I hope that the meal you were busy preparing didn’t suffer.

 You both helped me to cope more easily than I might have done.

 I have tried to find out your address since but have not been successful, but I did want you to know that I appreciated what you did for me

Alan Fay