Letters, Thursday, May 30, 2013

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We must throw out preachers of hate

THE sickening murder of soldier Lee Rigby by two fanatical Islamists has brought into focus the unpalatable truth that Britain is becoming a frontline target for terrorism.

 One knee-jerk reaction was an order from the MOD banning troops from wearing their military uniform, a reaction, thankfully, quickly cancelled by the Prime Minister.

 Why is this Government allowing “hate preachers” to preach their messages of hate to impressionable young men, who in this latest outrage, cruelly murdered a young British soldier?

 Let us not kid ourselves, while the majority of British Muslims do condemn this latest atrocity, there are many others that hate our way of life, our values and religion, and yet we allow these preachers of hate, and intolerance to continue their mission to bring down Christianity and force Islamist laws upon us.

 This Government must demonstrate the political will to deport those who rant and rave about this country which gives them shelter and sustenance. They and those that support them are truly the enemy within and for the sake of our future they must be thrown out.

 According to one outspoken columnist, by banning British military personnel the right to wear their military uniforms smacks of surrender in the face of this latest atrocity. We in Britain are a tolerant race in a world that is fast becoming intolerant in the face of increasing threats of violence.

 We can start this reappraisal of pride in this country by flying, for example, the Union Flag from our major public buildings, an act that Sunderland City Council will not, to their shame, do.

 By seeking to ban the military from wearing uniform, and by some misguided councils being reluctant to fly our national flag sends out the wrong message, or is the latter done so as not to upset those people who have come to this country for a better way of life but do not want reminding that this is Britain?

Councillor George Howe

Fulwell Ward

Violent brutality

I WAS asked the other day, at Deneside Workmen’s Club, whether I agreed with the cane, birching or any of the other punishments “our betters” handed down to our children, in the days of yore?

 Well no, I do not agree with this state-sponsored violent brutality. Why would the “state” brutalise kids? Oh, to get them to conform to the strictures of this “insane” society, that is capitalism.

 As I do not think it is OK, for millions of children to die in a world that can easily provide nutrition for each and every one of the people on this Earth, I do not agree with this punishment.

 The same guy that asked me this, does not even understand the society he lives in.

 What I do say – no, demand – is that before anyone like this guy, has the temerity to even question me, he, or maybe she, proves an understanding of the world they live in.

 Let’s have a debate on this. I’ll let you put the argument for beating the defenceless. I will put the reverse argument. Public platforms or meetings are easy to organise. I’ve taken part in hundreds. You know who you are – defend the indefensible.

Steve Colborn,


We need answers

IF a serving councillor, like Coun Peter Wood (Echo, May 23) doesn’t know what’s going on in the Civic Centre, what chance have the rest of us got?

 I assume the article he was referring to is ours, regarding the £15 charge for the collection of bulky items, which, with the help of Echo reporter Jane O’Neil, we made public knowledge?

 Then another question must follow – just who makes these decisions? And will Coun Wood make the answer to his questions public knowledge?

 Five weeks, of course, is not a long time, is it Councillor Watson?

Eddy Moore