Letters, Thursday, May 23, 2013

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Questions raised over waste charge

SOME time ago it was reported that the city council had decided to impose a £15 charge for the collection of bulky items of rubbish without informing residents.

 The fact of the matter is that the majority of elected councillors were as much in the dark as city residents.

 The same night as the Page 6 report on the matter, the council’s city services scrutiny panel met. The panel has spent the best part of the past year discussing refuse and waste disposal. You would have thought introducing charges for bulky rubbish collection would have been part of that discussion – it was not.

 At this meeting a series of questions were asked by me and other members including: When was it decided to impose the charge? Why so little notice and what will be the cost of the fourth collection (the first three are charged at £15)?

 We were promised a written response to the questions. It has taken five weeks for a response to be provided.

 It would also be interesting to know what use is being made of the service since the imposition of the charge.

 What contempt for the proper scrutiny of the council’s activities.

Councillor Peter Wood,

Deputy Leader,

Conservative Council Group

Arrogant cyclists

JUDITH Trucknell put up a strong defence for cyclists in her recent letter, however, I must disagree.

 Cyclists are a pain and a terrible distraction for other motorists.

 They think that they own the roads as most of them seem to cycle in the middle of the road, holding up the traffic behind.

 Many of them do not even use lights in the dark and the majority of cyclists just wear all this fancy gear just to show off.

 The cyclists I have encountered have an arrogant streak and take it personally if you question their poor cycling. I really think that cyclists and joggers, who are just as bad, should use cycle lanes only.

 Is there any need for them to use pavements and roads? They are just a hindrance to motorists.

I am sure that I am not alone in my views as every time I see a cyclist there is always a motorist shaking his head in despair in the car behind.

Mick The Pen Brown

Interesting visit

ON Bank Holiday Monday, I took a pleasant walk with a friend along to Seaham Harbour and visited the newly-opened North Dock Marina area.

 We took tea at the new Lookout cafe and were also able to visit the equally new East Durham Heritage and Lifeboat Centre, soon to be home to the restored George Elmy lifeboat – so new in fact that it wasn’t officially open.The staff, whom I understand are all volunteers, had simply taken advantage of a pleasant day to admit visitors on a purely unofficial basis.

 Even though the lifeboat is not yet in situ, my friend and I found the visit to be most enlightening and the staff, who obviously have a heartfelt passion for what they are doing which is encouraging in this day and age, could not have been more friendly and helpful.

 They deserve to be heartily congratulated on what they have achieved thus far, although I suspect that when the boat does come back their task will only just be beginning.

 I cannot wait to visit them again when the George Elmy makes its emotional return to Seaham Harbour.

 Well done all of you.

Mrs T Johnson,

Ryhope Road

Ridiculous move

WHOEVER decided to move the Number 3 bus stop up towards the Civic Centre needs their brains tested.

 They didn’t think about blind people or the elderly.

 When I walked to the stop last week, I had to cross three crossings near Yates as the junction is all dug up.

 As I walked towards the bus stop there was a blind man with his dog trying to get to a bus which was almost in the middle of the road.

 He was telling the dog to “Get the bus”, but the dog was confused as it wasn’t supposed to take him into the road.

 Someone reached him before I got up to the bus stop and helped him on to the bus.

 I think it’s going to be another four weeks until the bus moves back to Wilkinsons.

Name and address supplied

Well done, parents

I THINK it is disgusting that the headteacher saw fit to suspend pupil Logan Bewick for what I thought was a good clean haircut.

 Three cheers for the parents who sent him to another school.

 I would have done the same.

Mary Massingham,


£1,000 boost

MARGARET, Joanne, Rachael, Bev would like to thank Margaret’s shop; Blue House; Darren; Harry, from Care UK, and a special thank you to Karen Rochester for helping to raise over £1,000 for RNLI.

Margaret Moan,


Council is stagnant

AMAZING – I have been saying that the Pullman would be leased out and, guess what, it’s happened.

 I also said that it would be sold to private developers – watch this space.

 I told you that they would rather waste £15million on two arcs rather than invest in the city.

 There will be no illuminations, no wet and wild-style pool and the airshow has been tendered out – wasting more money. Well I’ve had enough. I plan to run for council next year and I am going to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak.

 I may be just one person but I am loud and if I can do it other people can do it.

 This council has become stagnant.

Kevin Stoker

A great Foundation

MY grandson Aaron, six, and I were invited to the Top Scorer celebration event on May 9 at the Stadium of Light.

 I raised money for charity and my grandson has been part of the Foundation since he was three, starting with the Little Dribblers.

 He loved going and it helped him grow in confidence and improve his football skills. He is now part of the Foundation team and even trains at the Academy.

 My grandson loved family learning too, which he took part in at school.

 But I never knew the Foundation was such a huge organisation. It helped 42,000 people last year – it’s incredible.

 I was proud and honoured to feel part of the great team, which set such high standards. It was a day my grandson and I will never forget. Many thanks for such a great afternoon.

 Wishing you and the team good luck in the future.

R Hammond,