Letters, Thursday, May 15, 2015

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Pub restoration is an asset to town

WE read with interest the article regarding the restoration of the former Golden Lion in Houghton and comments by both the council’s heritage protection scheme and councillor Sheila Ellis on the ‘deplorable building work’ carried out (May 7).

 We would like to state that we are in total disagreement with these comments and, in our opinion, the work to the outside of this building has now retained a very clean, tidy and visually attractive asset to the town centre.

 The issues regarding the windows, which have been replaced in uPVC, appear trivial, as they still have the look and style of the old wooden ones and have mirrored the originals. They will continue to look cleaner and tidier for many more years and certainly do not detract from the charm and character of the building.

 The building renovation is not at all detrimental to the area and the restaurant has sympathetically retained the former Golden Lion pub signage, which is a wonderful asset.

 Well done Avanti, we give you the thumbs up and if you had not taken this building over, it could easily have gone to rack and ruin, becoming an eyesore and having a completely different, adverse effect to St Michael’s conservation area.

Val and Brian Hall,


Far too modern

SO the businessman who bought the Golden Lion in Houghton is denying ignoring the strict planning laws pertaining to grade 11 listed buildings.

  Many of the original features have been ruined, replaced with modern day fittings, totally altering the appearance of the property, yet he is refusing to admit any wrongdoing.

 He is insisting that there is no way he will restore the damage he has done.

 You don’t have to be an expert on listed buildings to see the once delightful looking structure has been changed beyond all recognition. There’s the simply awful modern paint job, the modern uPVC windows adorned with canopies, and the ultra modern flue and ventilation system on the outer wall. All that before we mention the desecration to the interior.

 I do hope that the full force of the law will be brought to rbear in regards to the immediate restoration of the premises.

M McArdle

Butcher knows best

WITH reference to labelling of Halal meat products. Will the playing of readings from the Koran and other prayers make the meat taste better? I don’t think so.  

 I buy my meat products from farm shops with the satisfaction that it is only handled by the butcher or assistant. It is not packed in plastic wrapping and frequently handled by customers on a daily basis in a supermarket.

 Recent surveys have found E Coli and other bacteria on supermarket trollies and could apply to many goods in store.

J Munro,