Letters, Thursday, June 27, 2013

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Safety at stadium was ‘horrendous’

THERE was an absolute lack of organisation at the Rihanna concert in respect of crowd safety and behaviour.

 The stewarding and the managing of stewarding was nothing short of a disgrace. How nobody was killed, I still don’t know.

 There was no control around the gate A entrance. Stewards allowed queue-hopping, control barriers were constantly moved by the crowd which ended in over crowding, pushing and crushing while gaining entry. I was with my partner and seven-year-old daughter, who was hysterical during the mayhem.

 The stewarding was so poor my daughter and I got in without tickets as we lost my partner in the crushing.

 Once I was in the compound I reported the matter to the officials in suits, but they just seemed to smirk to themselves. Those in the yellow steward coats were under-staffed, under-trained and had no management guidance.

 Once in the ground my tickets were for unrestricted seating – the steward wouldn’t allow us there unless we had wristbands. I was advised to get them in the compound. I returned to the compound only to be told there were none left and that I should just sit anywhere. When I returned into the ground the steward was letting everyone through into the restricted area.

 Is the stadium now the only arena where you are allowed to smoke inside?

 And just when you thought you had seen it all – the behaviour of grown women in the male toilets was disgusting. If this was the other way round they would have done something about it.

 As my daughter said when asked if she enjoyed the concert – ‘horrendous’.

 Somebody needs to take a long look at themselves if they feel they are controlling safety there. Someone could get killed in the future.

Philip Atkinson

Fogotten heritage

A GERMAN bomber has been salvaged from the English Channel.

 The Dornier 17 has lain on the seabed for over 70 years. It’s to be restored to its original condition and displayed in the RAF museum in Cotsford, Shropshire.

 The bomber was built for one sole purpose – to bomb, destroy and kill.

 While this is going on, Government cuts are threatening to close north museums. The Science Museum Group, York Railway Museum, Manchester’s Science and History, Bradford’s Media Museum, plus libraries, are all on the agenda for possible closure.

 It looks like our British heritage is not important any more and that debatable issue of the North-South divide still does exists. In the South projects seem to get the go ahead, but for us in the North it is a ‘no can do, sorry’.

 I still think what a marvellous restoration project the sailing ship Adelaide would have been for Sunderland. The sole purpose when it was built was to transport people to a new life. Another piece of our heritage forgotton.

J Harding,


Dambusters trip

BETWEEN Wednesday, September 18, and Monday, September 23, I will lead a coach party to Lincolnshire, Holland and Germany to mark the 70th anniversary of the Dambusters raid by 617 Squadron, and to attend ceremonies in Arnhem to mark the 69th anniversary of ‘The Bridge Too Far’.

 In Lincolnshire, we will visit RAF Scampton, 617 Squadron’s base, where we will see guy Gibson’s office and the Squadron Museum. We will also visit the Battle of Britain memorial flight at RAF Coningsby to have a close up view of the Lancaster, Spitfires and Hurricanes.

 We travel from Hull to Holland staying in Arnhem, and in Germany, close to the Mohne Dam. We will visit the Hartenstein Airborne museum, Guy Gibson’s grave at Steenbergen and the Reichswald Forest Cemetery where many of the Dambusters’ crews are burried. We will cross the Rhine into Germany and follow the Dambusters’ flight path to the Ruhr, visiting all three Dams – the Mohne, the Eder and the Sorpe. In Arnhem, we will attend the Airborne Veterans’ parade and the Oosterbeek ceremony where schoolchildren lay flowers on the graves. King Willem of the Netherlands will lead the ceremony.

 Pick-up points will be arranged to make things as easy as possible.

 We still have a few places left. Anyone wishing to join us can contact me at 2 Eden Gate, Warcop, Appleby-in-Westmorland, Cumbria CA16 6PL, or telephone 01768 341060 or 07710 270640.

David Raw,


Bring on the tenors

WHILE it is commendable that Sunderland can attract top-class pop acts to the Stadium of Light, what about catering for the people for whom rock and pop hold no interest?

 If you can guarantee to get any of the world class tenors such as Jonas Kaufmann, Juan Diego Florez or Joseph Callela, I will be battering down the doors to be first in.

 How about it, powers that be?

 Having seen Luciano Pavarotti twice, I’m sure any of those would be a sell-out.

Mrs J Watson

Don’t be a killjoy

REGARDING the letter on June 22 from Elle Howan and her complaints about the funfair.

 Have a word with yourself, you must have been young once – roaming around loving life. Have a quick look in the mirror and think back to those halcyon days.

 Sadly, you are not alone, a lot of similar-minded people are hell bent on complaining about people having a good time.

 I pass through Penshaw almost daily, either cycling or walking, and the funfair has been a huge welcome to the area – everyone seemed to be having a great time.

 There are no houses close to the fair to cause any inconvenience, so anyone complaining about it must have a people problem.

 All I can say is: God help their close neighbours.

Ged Taylor,


A cock-eyed world

WE moved to our property 30 years ago. There are sycamore and ash trees between the bottom of our garden and that of the adjoining property.

 There has not been much maintenance done to these trees over the years. So I phoned the council, which has placed a preservation on the trees.

 They are dangerous and out of control. The roots are pushing our lawn up and we are now in darkness.

 I don’t want the trees down – I want them safe. I would like to sit in my garden, without thinking a dead branch is coming down.

 The council claims it’s not their problem, even though there is a preservation order on the trees. It’s up to the owner to make them safe and if the owners don’t want to know – tough.

 So, we have had to take an insurance out, just in case the trees, or branches, cause damage to our property, but it is not the council which picks up the bill, but the owner.

 What a cock-eyed world.

M Gatenby,

Estuary Way

What a good idea

WOULDN’T it be a great idea if someone from the council approached a large supermarket chain and asked them if they would build a store, offices, shops and housing on the former Vaux site.

 This would bring much-needed shoppers to our empty town centre and breathe new life into our embarrassingly empty town centre pubs. They could then ask the supermarket to realign Saint Mary’s Way, which is going to cost the council £14million to do.

 What a wonderful store Tesco has built at Roker Retail Park and how improved the traffic control is at the Wheatsheaf.

 What would be the response from Tesco if someone from the council were to suggest this.

 Just a thought.

S Johnson,