Letters, Thursday, April 18, 2013

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Scumbags do not represent our club

I’M a Newcastle fan who was at the derby match.

 I hold a season ticket and love the club more than my girlfriend (joke) and the three goals that went in against us felt like bullets.

 We were poor and Sunderland played us off the park and we have to accept that.

 I’m appalled at the fans who think it’s acceptable to throw flares and involve themselves in acts of violence.

 I want to say for the record those idiotic, scumbag, individuals do not represent our club or its fans – they are hooligans.

 Dealing with the defeat is hard enough but the reputation of my club and its fans won’t be tarnished by the few who were out for a scrap.

 The game is integral to the North East, and its fantastic reputation for healthy rivalry and fantastic football something we’ve always been proud of.

 The derby is part of our history, for both Newcastle and Sunderland fans.

Chris Tranter

Invest in our city

IF this council is serious about attracting people to the city centre, then it needs to look at a major development of The Bridges on the scale of the Trinity Shopping and Leisure complex in Leeds.

 The area where Crowtree is being demolished could be an ideal place for a food court and leisure complex which is bolted onto The Bridges.

 FYI Trinity Leeds is also owned by Land Securities, which owns The Bridges – yet Trinity Leeds has attracted a number of high profile shops and millions of visitors – The Bridges attracts pound shops and chavs!

Kevin Stoker

Thanks for support

I WOULD like to say a big thank you to the people of Murton, who have supported me over the last 24 years as their councillor on the parish, the district and the county council.

 I would also like to thank the people for the respect I have received from them and I would like to thank Alan Napier, who I have worked closely with.

 The achievements we have made include the youth club over the park, the play area over the park for the children, the two schools we have supported, the Scouts, the Guides, football teams and many other groups.

 I hope when it comes to voting, people remember I won’t be standing but Alan will.

 Again a big thank to the people of Murton for the respect and the pleasure I have had in representing them.

Alice Naylor,


Scholarship worry

IN 1942 I won a scholarship to go to the Bede.

 I have heard that the headteachers of elementary schools were told how many scholarships their school had achieved and they went down a preordained list, which did not necessarily correspond with the actual pupils who had passed.

 This list was devised on the basis of who was likely to stay on at school until the age of 16 and not leave at 14.

 This information, if true, somewhat detracts from my achievement and I would be glad if any readers could confirm or refute this.

B McGill,

South Bents

Patiently waiting

I AM writing with regard to the article regarding Tesco building a fitness centre as part of its new store plans (Echo, April 3).

 Would it not have been possible for the council to approach Tesco to try to include an indoor bowls area? In the same way as Morrisons has done in Darlington.

 Come on councilors, get cracking, there are more than 350 bowlers waiting patiently.

JS Robinson,


Join us for bowls

CROWTREE has closed and bowlers are dispersing to various parks.

 Can I once again ask if anyone with time on their hands would think about joining up with us at Barley Mow park at the top of Villette Road.

 Anyone new to bowls or a returning bowler will be made welcome.

 We will be returning to play at Barley Mow this season after our clubhouse fire. We are at the park most days and play in the local leagues on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday nights with Thursday afternoon for the Vets bowlers.

 So do come along and enjoy a couple of hours of fresh air and friendship.

G Gibson,


Looking for June

THIS is a picture of my best friend June Monk in 1964, from Barnes Secondary School for Girls, Sunderland, who I am trying to trace.

 If you can help me find her, please email Judith at judithn@outlook.com


Has law changed?

SINCE when has it been legal to park cars with all four wheels on the path, as well as on the corners, facing towards you in the dark, cyclist with no lights or bells or park up in one way streets and in the dark?

 Where are the police?

Alan Thompson