Letters, Saturday, September 13, 2014

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The start of a slippery slope?

A GIANT outdoor water slide for Sunderland, probably for a day? My answer is “bonkers”.

 It is the last thing we need. Would it be clogging up the city centre or a residential area? I know the council is hoping for sponsors and advertisers.

 Ratepayers certainly won’t want to pay a penny towards it.

 The council has wasted more than enough of our money. We get poor value with nothing worthwhile and lasting to show for our money.

 Do councillors ever look at their city? Do they just view it from cars and offices? My part of the city needs new back lanes and streets to be resurfaced.  

 Why don’t they do the job properly? The town is an absolute eyesore. Visitors to the city centre library are always greeted by a chewing gum-encrusted doormat. It probably wouldn’t cost much to clean or replace.

 Then there is the worst paving I have seen in the north. They paved one side of Vine Place and left a block on the other side with 25-30 broken slabs. There are also cracked pavements in the High Street beside the banks and paving and block paving needs looking at in the T K Maxx area.

 It would be nice if the council looked at what we have to live with daily instead of being frivolous.

Name and address supplied.

Support Simon on memory walk

I AM writing on behalf of Alzheimer’s Society to urge Echo readers to take part in the first ever Sunderland Memory Walk this weekend.

 As reported in Wednesday’s Echo, it has been organised by Simon Davis to raise money and awareness of dementia on Wearside in memory of his mum Ann.

 She cruelly died at the age of just 68 from the disease last August, and it is because of what he saw his mother go through that he wants to make a difference –which is clearly what he is doing.

 Now I just hope that the sun shines on Simon and his family, and that as many people in and around Sunderland who care about dementia will join them on Sunday for their seaside stroll.

 Simon will lead the way on the 5km, which will start at the Bungalow Café at 10am and will end at Souter Lighthouse, and with a bit of luck, he will be joined by scores of Wearside people who want to join him in the fight against dementia.

Aileen Alexander,

services manager,

Alzheimer’s Society.

Speak up on tax

I’M so disappointed that there have been no letters with regard to the spare room subsidy – to the extent that I’m actually thinking about giving up writing letters, or even being involved in politics! What’s the point if no-one is speaking up for the poor?

 Is there some hidden agenda here, whereby we must all be silent on this subject?

 Perhaps those who are so busy trying to find a small flat haven’t actually got time to write to the local newspaper! What I do know is that the spare room tax is punitive, immoral and takes no account of the real circumstances that people find themselves in!

Lesley Aitch