Letters, Saturday, October 5, 2013

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Cry in bid to raise disease awareness

EVERY week in the UK, 12 young people (aged 14 to 35) die suddenly from undiagnosed heart conditions.

 Cardiac Risk in the Young (Cry) is a charity dedicated to helping reduce the number of deaths through greater awareness, research and its pioneering screening programme.

 Since becoming a Cry Patron, I have found the stories of these tragedies absolutely heartbreaking, and still find it crazy that a seemingly fit and healthy young person can just drop down dead.

 I really want to help spread the word, especially among young people, and this year marks an important milestone as it celebrates Cry’s 18th anniversary.

 This month Cry is also teaming up with a UK-wide business to help raise funds and awareness to support the charity’s ongoing work.

 The partnership with the independent, neighbourhood retailer, McColl’s has a special and poignant significance as Robert, son of McColls’s chairman and CEO James Lancaster, died suddenly from an undiagnosed heart condition in 2007. He was 21.

 Since Robert’s death, the Lancaster family have worked tirelessly to support Cry, and James is now a trustee of the charity.

 So, if you could consider helping Cry this Hallowe’en, please pop down to your local store and pick up a special fund-raising pack or log on to www.treatcry.org for more details.

 Thank you for your support!

Pixie Lott,

Singer, songwriter and Cry Patron

Encouraging sign

IT is good news that there will be some free car parking in the city centre in the run-up to Christmas.

 This should help give a much-needed boost to business and footfall in the city centre. Why, however, has it taken so long to introduce?

 Supported by my Conservative colleagues, I put the idea forward last year but was greeted with the response that it could not be done, would not work and could not be afforded.

 Hopefully, the free parking initiative – even though it is a year late – will be successful.

 All we need now is some encouragement at other times of the year so that people will come into the city centre to shop, eat, etc, rather than go elsewhere.

Coun Peter Wood,

Deputy Leader, Sunderland Conservative Council Group

Answers needed

WHILE we must move on and see the proposed bridge built, the incompetence that cost the taxpayer £3.6million must be pursued.

 We should be told who was responsible for this and who will be held to account.

 Whether it was council staff or external consultants, it is ultimately those at the top in the council who must consider their positions.

 We now know the mistake in the estimates cost us £3.6million, but how far out was the estimate? It must have been many millions to take it past any contingencies that would have been built in.

 There are many questions, but the answers, if given, will come in dribs and drabs to provide a smokescreen, no doubt.

Alan Wright,

High Barnes

Searching for dad

I AM trying to trace my birth father, William Macpherson, who lived in the Sheepfoot Lane area in Preswich, Manchester, facing Heaton Park.

 I was born in Crumpsall Hospital, Manchester, on August 5, 1956. I don’t know my birth mother’s name, I never saw her.

 I saw my birth father three or four times in the park in the 1960s but nothing since.

 I know he has contacts in Sunderland, Prestwich, Scotland and Middleton, Ashton under Lyne.

 I know he owns horses and has stables and I know four of his grandchildren’s names; Michael Cresswell, born May 14, 1977, Katherine Clara Alison Jane Owns, November 9, 1990, Clara Annie Mar Erica Saxon, September 24, 1992 and Erica Saxon, July 21, 1994.

 William was well known in the Sheepfoot Lane area of Prestwich as Billy Bob or Bill.

 If anybody has any information, please contact me.

 I would very much like to get in contact as I know he will be getting on now, and so am I.

Linda Owens (nee Telser),

159 Mossley Road,


Lancs OL6 6NE