Letters, Saturday, October 19, 2013

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Our city roads need to be improved

SUNDERLAND’S ‘pothole payouts’ may be some of the lowest in the country (Echo, Friday, October 11) but looking around the city, that would seem to have more to do with the efficiency of the Council’s solicitors than the state of our roads!

 Last year, Ipsos Mori polled residents in the city and found that fewer than one in three residents were satisfied with the Council’s road and pavement maintenance.

 In fact, road and pavement repairs were the Council service that Wearsiders thought most needed improving in the city.

 This certainly fits with my experience talking to people across Millfield and Thornholme.

 Potholes and exposed cobbles are plentiful in our area, and residents want their roads fixed.

 In many of the cases I have reported, the Council have told me that the surfaces aren’t bad enough to be considered dangerous, so don’t warrant attention just now.

 That might protect the Council from legal action, but it shows scant regard for residents, who expect a better service in return for their Council Tax.

 No doubt the Labour Party will tell us (once again) that ‘there’s no money left’. But this is the same Labour Party who presided over the £3.6million iconic bridge farce, and ran Crowtree into the ground before spending half a million pounds demolishing it. It’s time to get the basics right.

Brian Robson,

Millfield and Thornholme Liberal Democrats.

Cyclists should be more considerate

I LIVE near a cycle track at Ryhope. I take my grand-daughter for a walk along it most days.

 We love our walks, but some of the cyclists are very inconsiderate, they go too fast and are behind you before you can hear them. I had to throw my grand-daughter onto the grass yesterday, or she would have been hit.

 What happened to bells on bicycles or is the track only for cyclists? I would love to know if we shouldn’t be there on the track.

Ex-cyclist from 1956,


Very upset that bus didn’t arrive

I JUST have to say how disgusted I was with the number X7 bus service to Middlesbrough on Saturday morning.

 My friend and I decided to have a day out and get the 8.40am bus for an early start, but it didn’t even turn up.

 We stood until 9.40am in the freezing-cold bus station until the next one came.

 I especially felt sorry for the two old women who had to wait as well and apparently, someone said it’s not the first time it has happened. We are told to use local transport – I don’t think so.

Y Shevile,


Thanks for help after collapse

I WOULD like to thank Lynne Jackson, Malcolm Doleman and Adrian Moore, who came to my husband’s aid when he collapsed in Park Lane on October 3.

 They called an ambulance and stayed with him until help arrived.

 John is recovering well at home. Also thanks to all hospital staff for the care he received. Thanks to everyone for phone calls and good wishes.

Audrey, Lorraine and Lesley Ryan,

Hylton Castle.

Request for help with research

I AM conducting my PhD research at Northumbria University into conscientious objectors, and those whose political views were considered extreme in the North East during the Second World War. I am seeking to interview such people or their immediate family members to learn of their experiences and the basis of their beliefs.

 All interviews will be conducted in a sensitive manner, appropriate to historical research.

 Would willing interviewees please contact me, Stuart Anderson, on 07740 647274.

Stuart Anderson

Indicator problems

YOU see a lot of fancy, expensive cars on the roads these days, but quite a few of them seem to have indicators that don’t work. It’s especially a problem with Audis.  

 Maybe the owners should take them back to the garage?

Stuart Natrass,