Letters, Saturday, July 13, 2013

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Sense at last over iconic bridge plan

AT last! Sense has finally prevailed at the Muppet Show in Borough Road. Let’s now get real and get a simple, but effective, bridge designed and built, using as much local labour and supplies as possible (half of France built the recent Tyne Tunnel).

 Why do we persist in having delusions of grandeur? The expense of that stupid bridge could be directed elsewhere, surely?

 I know some of the money was earmarked through Government highways departments, but the people of Sunderland (remember us?) would far rather have seaside development, such as has happened at South Shields and Redcar.

 We get the three pods, though ... what a joke. I’ll run a sweep on how long they will last. My guess is less than a year.

Ray Findlay,


Something wrong with Gov funding

£15M spent on a bridge that will not be built.

 £2m pounds on a car park on the Vaux site that was closed within weeks of completion.  

 Libraries closing. Crowtree Leasure Centre demolished and yet Sunderland council still receives £20m pounds from the Government for infrastructure.

 Yet a project at Durham Tees Valley Airport, to provide infrastructure for a project to improve services and create 1,400 jobs, is turned down by the same Government body. Something is seriously wrong here.

Ian Terry,


Time to kick-start the EU’s demise

JUDITH Trucknell’s letter (July 8, ‘Generous to a fault’) reminded me of the book, Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, written 100 years ago by Robert Cresswell, describing the generosity of the poor despite their exploitative employment, if any.

 Socialism eventually rose from those dark times, yet despite decades of Labour-run councils in the North East, the incomes of the ordinary man or woman (who can find a job) still bear little relation to the value of work and ‘fat cats’ still get richer (how many thin councillors do you see?).

 We have local elections next year. You know what to do if you want to change things. Our expected philanthropy holds no boundaries, as Marjorie Matthews pointed out on the same day. Successive Governments still expect the working class to give £53m per day to the EU.

 This allows uncontrolled access for millions of people from EU countries to our jobs, benefits system, housing, education and NHS.

 Each family is also expected to give £300-400 per year (via our energy bills) for EU ‘green subsidies’ i.e. wind farms.

 Successive Governments have been afraid to give us a referendum on EU membership.

 We have an EU election next May. There is a huge groundswell of anti-EU feeling in many Northern EU countries, as there is in the UK.

 I hope they and the people of this country will vote for Eurosceptic parties, thus kick-starting the demise of the 
EU. This could be the last EU election we shall ever have!

Kay Rowham,

Easington Lane.

Reader’s appeal for witnesses of fall

ON January 16 this year I suffered a fall in the Co-Op car park in Houghton, resulting in a broken wrist. A gentleman stopped his car and asked if I was okay, and a very kind couple took me to my doctor. I would be very grateful if any of these people, or indeed anyone who witnessed the event could ring me on 0191 3858538.

David Hutchinson,