Letters, Monday, September 9,2013

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Milliband made the right choice

IN his letter (September 4), Michael Dixon claims that the decision by Ed Miliband not to support the coalition to attack Syria was not surprising – and he goes on to accuse the Labour leader of political opportunism.

 I would like to remind Mr Dixon and the general public that if it was not for Mr Miliband’s intervention, our country would have followed the USA in a headlong rush to war, based at that stage, on the flimsiest of evidence.

 Indeed, if anyone was guilty of putting politics ahead of the national interest, it was those Coalition politicians who did not want to rush into war and voted against the Government, but who could not bring themselves to vote for Mr Milliband’s sensible amendment which allowed for more time and consideration before taking action.

 Mr Miliband’s sensible intervention has even resulted in the USA now consulting its own congress before taking action.

 David Cameron has come out of the whole affair as an impulsive leader, with a cavalier approach to war, who can’t even control the party he is supposed to lead, while Mr Miliband has demonstrated a much more mature, measured and sensible approach and has shown himself as a man who is not prepared to embark upon a war without sufficient evidence to justify it.

 Finally Mr Dixon stated that Mr Cameron and Nick Clegg should not be surprised that Mr Miliband has not supported them, given the way he stood against and defeated his own brother in the Labour leadership election.

 As far as I am aware, Ed Miliband did not promise not to stand against his brother for election. However, I do know that Mr Cameron continues to promise that the NHS is safe in our hands yet continues to privatise it by the back door and who said, when taking office, “We are all in this together”, while freezing the pay of poorly-paid public sector workers and giving multi-millionaires a massive tax cut. I also know that Mr Clegg promised to abolish tuition fees for students and then conspired with the Conservative party to significantly increase them.

 Given a choice, I know which one out of the three I would trust – and it wouldn’t be Cameron and Clegg.

R Scott,


Hunt for orange thins is over ...

THIS is in response to Alan Vincent from Old Penshaw, who asked about Swedish orange thins. I have found websites that sell a brand of Swedish orange thins called Anna’s. The websites are evergreenhealthstore.co.uk and bakersandlarners.co.uk. Hope you like them.

Joanne Rodgers,

Carley Hill.

Lacking magic in the computer age

I MAY be old-fashioned here, but I’m a person who likes to look through catalogues to see what magic tricks there are in shops, however, these magic dealers do not stock catalogues any more.

 I don’t have a computer, I don’t know how to work one and I would not want to spend all day in a library trying to work one.

 The nearest magic shop is in Newcastle and I’m not going there every time I want to buy some tricks.

 What I’m trying to say here is, if you don’t have, and don’t know how to work a computer, you might as well not take up magic as a hobby.

 I love magic, I’ve taken it up in the past and will not drop it just because I don’t know how to work computers.

 It’s a shame that Sunderland has not got a magic shop.

 Sometimes, when I want to buy tricks, I order them through the post. One magic shop has got catalogues a few pages long.

 If one magic dealer can do this, surely they all can, to cater for people who do not have a computer as well as the ones who do.

Edwin Robinson,

Zetland Square,