Letters, Monday, September 8, 2014

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Scotland should remain part of UK

FOLLOWING the arguments and discussions of Scotland’s yes-no to leave the Commonwealth, this truly amazes me.

 According to Alex Salmond, Scotland would be much better off on their own. I, like many others, wonder.

 So after 300 years without any trouble within the UK, Scots have their own culture, as do the Welsh, Irish and English. In my four score years plus, I’ve worked with many Welsh, Irish and Scots, and served with them, and also have many friends among them.

 The only distinction is our dialects, otherwise we all retain our own culture.

 I won’t lose any sleep if the vote is yes, but I would prefer it if they remain in the Commonwealth family and not follow that old scenario, the sheep being led by a donkey.

Wm Smith,


Praise for local hospital’s food

THE subject of hospital food has been bandied about once more.

 Well, it’s top marks for your very own Sunderland Royal Hospital. I had a short stay there in July and ate up all my food like a good girl.

 It was delicious and attractively served. I found myself looking forward to meal times and was not disappointed. Top of the class.

Isobel Elliot-West,


Sincere thanks to fire brigade

I AM writing to say a huge thank you to Sunderland Fire Brigade, who attended a fire at my business premises last Monday morning and the ambulance crew who looked after me.

 These people showed such care and consideration for my wellbeing while carrying out their duty with efficiency and professionalism.

 They caused minimal disruption to my business while managing a very difficult task. In my opinion, the jobs and livelihoods of these professions should be made secure and protected. As a society we need to value these services and give them the respect and reward that they so richly deserve.

Alan Gilmore,

Castletown MOT.

Cyclists must stay on paths provided

IT’S about time something was done about cyclists who ride on the road while there is a cycle path available.

 These people whinge on and on for cycle lanes and paths – paid for with motorists’ money of course – then don’t use them!

 But you can tell what kind of people they are from their stupid Lycra outfits, which you really don’t need to wear unless you’re trying to shave a second off your time in Le Tour – it’s all about ego with these poseurs.

 Clamp down on these road menaces and tax them the same as motorists. If the money for cycle paths was coming out of their pockets, maybe they’d use them?

Marcus Beacham,