Letters, Monday, September 22, 2014

Have your say

Have your say on end of life care

I AM writing to encourage people to contribute to an important national review of choice in end of life care.

 Almost half a million people die in England each year, but significant numbers of people do not currently have proper opportunities for their choices about how, when and where they receive end of life care to be identified, discussed or met.

 That is why the Government set up an independent review into choices in end of life care, which I was asked to chair.

 Whether you’re a member of the public or someone who has a professional interest, perhaps through your work within health, social care or housing, we want to hear from you.

 We’re interested in finding out what choices would matter most to you – whether that’s about the importance of being able to choose where you would want to be cared for and die, how you would want to be involved in decisions about your care or any other aspect of end of life care.

 To find out more and to take part in the review, which you can participate in until September 30, please visit www.ncpc.org.uk, call 01235 512384 or email choicereview@ncpc.org.uk

Claire Henry,

Chief executive, National Council for Palliative Care

Square names are very uninspiring

I UNDERSTAND that a competition has been launched to find the name for the new public square, which is being constructed on the former Vaux site.

 I note that the choices offered to public vote all contain the word keel (eg Peel Place, Keel Yard etc) and that these were selected after 2,000 residents were consulted.

 I don’t wish to pour scorn on the choices, but for a council which claims the project is a recognition of our shipbuilding heritage, perhaps they could have actually shown some initiative and interest in the same heritage, taken closer ownership of the naming process and been a little more imaginative.

 I would suggest names of previous shipbuilding employers or characters would have been a good fit. For example, William Pile Square, Havelock Place, James Laing Square.

 At least with such names, people would be curious as to where they came from and investigate the history, which this project seeks to recognise.

 But no, Keel. How very dull and very uninspiring.

Keith Atkinson,


Hung up on survey

LIKE Alan Ramsey (September 15), I too have had a phone call from someone claiming to be Italian. They wanted to ask me questions about Italian food. I just hung up. This was about two weeks ago.

J Collins

Not acceptable

REFERRING to Alan Ramsey’s letter (September 15), I also had a call from Italy but this time the caller was female.

 I only heard up to the olive oil part and interrupted to say I do not take such calls.

 Supposedly TPS registered, I resent the fact that foreign calls seem to be exempt or just ignore it.

 Such intrusion into personal time is not acceptable.

L Graham,