Letters, Monday, October 3, 2014

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Our government lacks compassion

I AM writing with regard to Lord Freud’s comments that disabled people should be paid £2 an hour.

 The comments made by Lord Freud are a disgrace to the disabled and people with learning disabilities. These people have disabilities which they cannot help and they are a very vulnerable part of society.

 The cuts made by the present government have meant that special needs adults are facing a cut in vital services which they depend on, as many cannot access work and social situations on their own and need support to be able to do the activities which they need.

 With the cuts, many special needs people are losing their benefits and having to claim job seekers allowance when many don’t have the ability to do a job that is not supported.

 Special needs people are facing work capacity assessment with a doctor who does not know them and is not fully aware of their health needs and learning disabilities and many special needs people cannot answer the questions at these assessments as they are not capable enough to answer them properly.

 It seem as though the present government is very lacking in understanding and compassion for special needs people and say we are all in it together.

 Sadly, this is not the case for the members of our society, they have to suffer and face many problems.

 Also Lord Freud should not be in the position he is when he does not understand special needs people and his comments were very unhelpful to people who cannot stand up for themselves.

Mrs B Houghton,

Shiney Row.

We should solve our problems first

I ABSOLUTELY agree with Graham Hall’s comments (Echo, Monday, October 27) about the disgraceful way we treat our brave lads and lasses who gave their all for our country to be safe.

 I personally know a lad who has come back from Iraq and he is in a dreadful way.

 As far as help for him when he left the forces – it was a disgrace.

 Graham Hall said it all in Monday’s Echo. We should all help our lads and lasses in every way possible, but I think it’s up to our government to do absolutely everything possible. Let’s start with a few million from our overseas aid, which is a disgrace in itself. Come on, why should we, the tax-payer, give millions every year just to India? They have more than us.

 They have a space programme which costs billions, so why should we give them millions of pounds of our hard earned cash every year? Overseas aid continues to Pakistan, again millions each year, and then on to Africa and God knows where else. Let someone in government stand up in the house and say enough is enough – overseas aid stops now. Let’s solve our own problems first, we can start with our lads and lasses who have problems of any sort.

David Rogers,


Enjoy the fireworks

DON’T you get bored with all the killjoys whingeing and moaning about fireworks and Bonfire Night? Life is miserable enough, surely we can have one night a year for a little bit of fun?

Charlotte Walpole,