Letters, Monday, June 24, 2013

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You can’t establish democracy by force

AMERICA’S decision to supply weapons to a ragtag army of rebels, fighting Assad’s Syrian security forces, received a mixed reception from other world leaders.

 No doubt Obama knew he would be supported by David Cameron, who has been straining at the leash in his enthusiasm to involve Britain in this bloody conflict.

 Surely, if you place more weapons of destruction at the disposal of ruthless rebels, then even more innocent civilians will perish, and we would be handing over weapons to enemies of the West.

 The Prime Minister seems to have forgotten past history of his battle against another desert dictator, Gaddafi. Mr Cameron preached this war was to win democracy for the people of Libya. Well, we all know what really happened.

 Hundreds of cruise missiles were fired on Libya, exploding their destructive capability far and wide, resulting in thousands of innocent citizens being killed.

 Democracy is a long way off, bearing in mind the country has now descended into a pit of chaos and violence.

 Fortunately, there is opposition in the Commons to Cameron’s proposal. At the moment Labour, Lib Dem and two thirds of Tory MPs say they will vote against Britain arming Syrian rebels. This is a sensible stand.

 With Russia and America on different sides, this civil war could escalate into another Cold War between the two.

 The West should exercise its power to achieve a compromise peace. After all the bad experiences by the West in Middle East wars, I hope they finally realise, for all our sakes, that you cannot establish peace and democracy by force.

W Quinn,


Too much spending on accommodation

AGAINST a background of cuts in services, I was dismayed to see Sunderland Council named in last week’s Sunday Times as being a high spender on accommodation.

 A five-star hotel was mentioned at the Commonwealth Local Government Forum 2010 and more than £6,000 run up on a South African trip during the World Cup.

 The council said spending was “appropriate”. I think not.

 It was also singled out in an article published last year for exorbitant spending on car hire.  

 This is not good in times of austerity.

C Cairns,



Looking for old pals

I’M looking for two of my old friends from way back. We used to go out, have a couple of pints, then go on to the Rink Dance Hall. They are Ron Eggleston and Norman Corner. Please phone me on 549 6260.

Tom Barnes,

Hylton Castle,


Orange Order not welcome in city

WHEN I saw your report of the Orange Order marching through Sunderland, my stomach turned.

 Do people not understand what they stand for? Alright, they are patriots and wave the Union Flag – but so do right-wing extremists.

 The Orange Order has had a wholly negative impact on the politics of both Britain and Ireland.

 But for their intransigence and threats of violence, the majority population of Ireland might have seen Home Rule peacefully introduced in the 19th and 20th centuries. Protestants and Catholics live together peacefully in Sunderland, Mr John Potts.

 We don’t want your bigotry, intolerance and sectarianism here.

Henry Whipple,

Coach Road Estate,