Letters, Monday, July 21, 2014

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Some new ideas about recycling

 I would go further – the council gets the householders to sort their rubbish into different containers, and then charges to take it away to be recycled. Is all this recyclable rubbish just given away free to anyone that can use it? I somehow do not think so.

 How about the council weighing the recyclable rubbish from the householder and paying them for it?

 Instead of giving cash, they could deduct a certain amount from people’s rents or council tax.

 Grass cuttings, hedge clippings and leaves could all be sold to farmers as cheap fertiliser (the type that does not stink the countryside up).

 All litter bins should spit out a 5p coin every time it senses litter being deposited in it. Five pence is not a lot of money to pay but it might make people think twice about dropping litter on the ground.

 Finally, how about car parks paying motorists 10p per hour to park. If a car is off the road, it is not causing congestion nor is it causing global warming or pollution ... is it?

 The poor old motorist has to pay through the nose to park, so paying 10p per hour to the motorist to have less traffic on the road should be possible, even for the most poverty stricken council.  

 Unfortunately there is more chance of flying pigs bombing and strafing food banks with pork pies and bacon sandwiches!

R Tomlinson,


Not before time for a dog ban ...

SO Durham County Council is considering banning dog owners from walking their pets along the beach at Seaham harbour?

 Well, not before time. As a regular visitor to the beach, I find the amount of dog mess not only on the beach, but also along the walkways, absolutely disgusting.

 These irresponsible dog owners have only themselves to blame.  

 Might I suggest they next consider banning the many fisherman who think nothing of discarding their litter, not to mention all sorts of used or broken fishing tackle, with reckless abandon anywhere they feel like?

M Mcardle,


Name for square

THE new square should be called The Keel Row. It is a well-known expression as it is the name of a song. The square includes a keel line, and thousands of keels have been laid down on the river banks over the centuries.