Letters, Monday, February 24, 2014

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Labour’s rule has made a ghost town

I FELT disgusted and ashamed to be living in a city where a 63-year-old man can be considered too old to work (Echo Letters, February 14). That such a person can have skills as diverse as technical sales, lecturing and design makes a bad state of affairs indescribably worse.

 Sunderland, after four decades of Labour rule, has sunk from mediocre to oblivion, and is becoming a ghost town.

 Compared with its near neighbour Newcastle upon Tyne, it is merely an arid wilderness; compared with Manchester and Birmingham it has disappeared from the radar altogether.

 And the Coalition, which has partly succeeded in directing a recovery, dare not be complacent. The idiot who devised the nonsensical “we are all in this together” was not only grossly ignorant, he was crassly insensitive.

 Labour once owed more to Methodism than to Marx. Now, thanks to the greed of Tony Blair, not to mention his gargantuan hybris, it has lost the plot.  

 Nobody in their right mind would trust Nick Clegg, who would sell not only his grandmother, but the whole Clegg tribe. The responsibility for good government must lie with a reinvigorated Conservative party, which rewards the traditional family, hard work and compassionate caring; it must, however, stop purveying toxic twaddle about our all being in it together.

George E Brown,


It’s time to deal with NHS problems

THE people who are advocating less NHS care for older people are overlooking a very obvious and undeniable fact. They are going to become old themselves and then they’ll want the procedure to change, won’t they? What a laugh! Do these people think they will never grow old? The NHS is under severe strain because of unlimited immigration and health tourism from other countries. Deal with this problem first.

 Also NHS agency staff doctors are paid £3,000 per day. This is wrong and is happening because doctors’ hours, thanks to the EU, have been reduced. This is another wrong that should be dealt with.

Majorie Matthews,


Footpath campaign much appreciated

I WOULD like to thank Councillor Christine Marshall, of Doxford Park Ward, for her successful campaign which succeeded in the footpath at the Gilley Law/Silksworth junction being made safe to allow my wheelchair to use this path.

 It has been a Godsend and has saved me from using the park, which has paths which are not good for wheelchairs. As a wheelchair use for 39 years, this is much appreciated. Keep up the good work, Chris.

Audrey Henderson,


No snow is great

THEY might be whingeing in the South because of the rain, but I think this has been a great winter – we‘ve hardly seen a drop of snow. If this is climate change, bring it on!

Albert Wakefield,