Letters, Monday, August 19, 2013

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Public’s generosity is really amazing

I WOULD once again like to thank the public for their continued generosity.

 In July, for the sixth consecutive month, you donated well over £3,000 to Grace House via the clown, who collects on behalf of the hospice. The actual figure was £3,674.

 On July 6, £257 was collected at Matalan, Pallion, followed by £502 on July 12 and July 13 at Morrisons, Castletown. Between July 18 and 20, the awesome sum of £1,047 was raised at Morrisons, Chester-le-Street, with a further £201 donated at Sainsbury’s, Gilesgate, on July 26. This was followed by £462 at the Airshow on July 27 and 28.

 The final collections for July were at Asda, Washington, the clown’s first visit to this store, when the heart-warming sum of £636 was donated.

 Also in July, Asda, Pennywell, asked the clown to go and accept a cheque for over £400. This was from its charity fund, and it was a fantastic gesture. I decided to go to that store myself, rather than send the clown, and I think Jamie Morrison, Asda Community Life Champion, was a bit disappointed when she first saw me.

 All these donations are a massive help in fitting out Grace House. One final push in fund-raising is needed to help appoint the head of care, then she will select her team of nursing staff, so that the first children, and their families, can be helped.

 If anyone can help in any way, even by setting up a standing order for a couple of pounds a month, please ring Grace House on 525 2885.

 Once again, many thanks, and God bless you all.

Jeff Coxon,

The clown,


Mick’s no ice man

‘ICY’, ‘icy’ ,‘icy’ – what’s all this then?

 Poor Mick the Pen is at it again. Now he doesn’t like the ice-cream van. How long have they trundled around the streets? Seventy years that I know of, and now he complains.

 Maybe he could suggest a chime for the poor workers. How about a lullaby that will get the kids out and keep the night shift workers asleep.

Mr J Stott,


Wonderful portrait

I WOULD like to thank Neil Mearns for his column On The Waterfront, portraying River Wear Policemen.

 William Richard Longridge was my grandfather.

 My father Thomas Hector was one of his six sons, and he also had three daughters.

 Two of the daughters and a son emigrated to Canada and Australia.

 Although he died before I was born, I am very proud to call him my grandfather. Thanks once again, Neil, for your very interesting column.

Muriel Reed,


Thanks for support

ON behalf of Silksworth Banner Group, I would like to thank Bridget Phillipson MP, Councillors Peter and Betty Gibson, Philip Tye, Pat Smith and David Errington.

 Shepherd Brass Band, Gentoo, Thompson Solicitors, Durham Miners’ Association, Joanne Laverick and the Community Development Foundation, Mr S Porter, Mr and Mrs R Cornell of The Colonel Prior, Ferryhill Town Council, Mr B Walker, Jim Phillips Solicitor, George Cockburn, Mr and Mrs S Blake, Mr C Skidmore Yorkshire NUM, Alan Patterson and the drivers of M and N Travel, Scollen and Wright Funeral Directors, Road Traffic Management, Silksworth Comrades Club, George Armstrong, Mr and Mrs Fields, Mrs Lacey, Silksworth Labour Party, Silksworth British Legion, Co-op Bank and members of Silksworth Banner Group for their help and support.

 Also thanks to everyone who attended the concert in the Comrades on Friday, July 12, and all who came with us to Durham on Gala Day on July 13.

 A great weekend was had by all, hope to see you again next year.

Peter Shields,


Silksworth Banner Group