Letters, Monday, August 10, 2014

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EU paved way for sell-off

I share Sharon Hodgson horror at the Tories final sell-off of our Royal Mail (Sunderland Echo July 29).

 However, the blame lies squarely at the door of EU.

 Before the Brussels bureaucrats started meddling in its affairs in the 1990s, the Royal Mail was a profitable operation and it was the last Labour government which complacently waved through the EU legislation that sounded the death knell for the Royal Mail.

 The three EU directives intended to create competition within postal services across the EU meant that public sector companies from all EU countries were able to cherry pick the profitable areas of our Royal Mail.

 Our cherished service has been under attack for a long time and privatisation was always on the hidden agenda.

 The European Commission’s approval of the Government’s takeover of Royal Mail’s £9.5billion pension deficit was an important step in paving the way for such privatisation.

 Where were the trade unions then?

John Defty

via email

Don’t feed the seagulls

I’ve got too agree with Mary Mitchell, from Southwick, seagulls are a real problem.

 I work in a supermarket and some customers by reduced loaves and say they are to feed the seagulls.

 I wish I could refuse the sale because they are a real nuisance.

 I’ve seen seagulls chasing small birds.

 I also saw a seagull kill a pigeon in Crowtree Road just outside The Bridges shopping centre.

Alan Ramsey

Hall Farm

Count down to Easter

I was fascinated by the article by Sarah Stoner in the Echo on August 4, entitled, Craze for peashooters led to tragic death of Wearside boy.

 My mother-in-law (now in her early 90’) remembers ‘pluffing’ carlins.

 “That’s all they were good for – they took ages to cook,” she says.

 Easter Sunday that year (1876) fell on April.

 Following the old rhyme:

Tid, Mid, Miseray,

Carlin, Palm and Paste Egg Day

 It being a countdown to the Sundays leading up to Easter day.#

 I wonder if poor William Wrightson’s mother was steeping the carlins in preparation for Carlin Sunday.

Ian Drummond

via email

Floral display is beautiful

I must congratulate the gardeners again this year for the wonderful flower display at Concord.

 It is a sight to be seeing.

M Massingham,