Letters, Monday, April 14, 2014

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Navy association seeks old sailors

DID you serve on board any of the light fleet carriers HMS Bulwark, HMS Albion or HMS Centaur?

 Our Association – the HMS Bulwark Albion Centaur Association – is open to anyone who served at any time on these ships.

 This year’s major event will be at Sheerness and Chatham, from November 28 –30, for centenary commemorations of the sinking of the 5th HMS Bulwark in the Medway in 1914.

 For our AGM/social this year we shall be at the Royal Clifton Hotel and Spa, Southport, on May 9-12.

 We send a magazine three times a year and run events including AGM/socials, sea trips with HMS Bulwark and anniversary commemorations at home and abroad, including Trafalgar nights in Yorkshire.

 We also sponsor sea cadets from our affiliated Sea Cadet Corps on three training ships – one sail, two motor.

 Membership is all of £8 per annum. Send enquiries to Leigh Easton, Glenmoray, Hayford Place, Cambusbarron, Stirling, FK7 9JX, or e-mail at ngsfo@tiscali.co.uk or visit our website at www.bulwarkassoc.co.uk

Leigh Easton,

Membership Secretary.

Is super council for the birds?

CONSERVATIVE Coun Peter Wood is right – no one is going to call the Labour-run North East Super Council the Durham, Gateshead, Newcastle upon Tyne, North Tyneside, Northumberland, South Tyneside and Sunderland Combined Authority.

 Perhaps a briefer – and quite appropriate – name would be Carve-Up Council Kept Out Opposition, or CUCKOO for short.

Frank Johnson.

MPs owe power to the taxpayers

IN the latest Tory scandal, MP Maria Miller is accused of cheating taxpayers out of £45,000 by fiddling her expenses when claiming for a second home.

 We have a Prime Minister who comes down hard on ordinary families that do the same thing.

 Why then, with his harsh attitude to those on the bread line, does Cameron support a millionaire MP? This appears unprincipled and stinks of double standards.

 The Prime Minister should realise the days are gone like when he was able to select a second home, a country manor, with a £350,000 mortgage which meant the taxpayer was liable for the £20,000 per year interest.  

 No longer can MPs claim up to £24,000 a year towards buying, furnishing and renovating a second home.

 All our MPs should remember that they owe their power and generous fringe benefits to the taxpayers, who are heartily sick of the untrustworthy behaviour which is bad enough to get democracy done away with!

W Quinn,

via email.