Letters, Friday, February 7, 2014

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Migration figures don’t tell truth

ACCORDING to Jude Darlington (Echo Letters, Feb 3), migration is a two-way flow, with as many leaving these shores as entering and that more Brits are currently living abroad than there are foreign nationals living here.

 I don’t profess to know if this is true or not, but I can’t see how Jude Darlington can either, considering no one seems to know the true figure of how many are entering and residing here illegally.

 What I do know is that not many, if any, leave here in search of benefits and council flats in the likes of Romania and Bulgaria!

 As he says, the majority have moved to the USA, Australia and other English-speaking countries, but fails to mention the strict criteria in place to prove these people have the means to support themselves or employ natives, as well as having a clean criminal record.

 On the same page we also had Leslie Scott informing us what a disaster it would be if we were ever to leave the European Union and the difficulties we’d have trading, as we import far more than we sell to them. I very much doubt it.

 As for the country’s route to disaster, I think Labour have already led us half-way down with their illegal wars, lies, open-door policies and reckless spending.

David Brookes,

Collingwood Court,


I take my cap off to a Great Brit

LESLIE Scott said at the end of his letter (Echo Letters, Feb 3) that little Englanders could take the city and the country down a disaster route should we withdraw from the EU. Which little Englanders and what disaster route would that be?

 Does he mean the likes of the little Englander that wanted to sell his bananas by the pound, and was literally hounded to death for it? And to what disaster route is he referring? The little Englanders that were his customers, and wanted to buy in pounds instead of kilos? I do not think the fruiterer that I refer to was just a little Englander, I think that he was a Great Britain, and I for one take my cap off to him. He gave his customers what they asked for and looked after them well.

 More’s the shame the politicians and Government cannot do the same for the people that they are supposed to serve.

R Tomlinson,


Thanks Bob, for all you did ...

IT came as a great shock to read in these pages of the suspected drowning of retired Sunderland Echo reporter Bob Horn.

 I first met Bob in the year 2000 when I was writing my first book, about the ancient festival of Houghton Feast. Bob was very helpful in promoting the project.

 Bob was, of course, the reporter for the Houghton district and I always enjoyed reading his articles about our town.

 He produced a veritable back catalogue for those interested in Houghton’s recent past and his work is bound to be useful to historians of the future.

 I send my condolences to Bob’s family and friends and I would like to pay tribute to him for all that he did for Houghton.

Paul Lanagan,

chairman, Houghton Heritage Society.

A big problem with dog mess

REGARDING the letter sent by Dave Irwin, Oxclose, about dog fouling (Echo letters, Feb 1).

 We have the same problem in Blackfell. When we, as parents and grandparents, walk our children to school and nursery it is pretty difficult to avoid standing in it. Sunderland Council has a poor track record of fining these lazy, dirty dog owners.  

 Is this because there is no one employed to police this problem? If this is so, well, spend less money on useless perks and daft, grand ideas (iconic bridge, remember?)

 If Mr Irwin manages to get any action for Oxclose, please send help to Blackfell.

J Cummings,


The silence is still deafening

NOW that the dust has settled a little on the decisions to close both the central Police and Fire Stations in our city, why still the silence from our leaders?

 To be fair, one of our MPs has spoken up to an extent but nothing from the other two.

 I repeat what I stated in my earlier letter they all should be up in arms about this. As for our Council leader, is he actually aware this is happening? He hasn’t made one comment on this issue. I thought he was the leader – where is his leadership on this?

 Of course, he’ll blame central Government cuts and of course, largely, he’d be right, but why is he not campaigning on behalf of his city to keep these stations here?

 At end of the day, despite the cuts, Newcastle, South Shields and North Shields are retaining theirs.

 There again what have they all got in common? They’re all on Tyneside. Once again, is there an agenda here?

 Now they’ve closed Sunderland Magistrates Court at weekends, cases are now being heard at South Shields. You don’t have to be a genius to work out what’s going to happen next.

 The way things are going I can see the Civic Centre being closed down and all our affairs being ran from Newcastle.

 There again, would anyone notice? Once again, I repeat what I said in an earlier letter – the silence from our ‘leaders’ is deafening. Shame on them.

Cyril Brown,