Letters, Friday, December 30th, 2011

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Get back to the true Christmas tradition

CANCEL Christmas ... at least until this tradition is reaccepted for its true reason.

As a child we waited for Christmas morning. Before this we were taught the meaning of Christmas. Our parents saved to give us toys, fruit, nuts, Christmas cake. A great time.

Now the only thought is: what am I getting children or adults? Is it the best? Does it cost a lot? No worry of paying for it, now we have credit cards.

Used wisely, okay, but no one ever does. One can even get cash. Get more than one card, use one to pay off another.

Total insanity and all legal. The suppliers give cards to anyone. Last year one was issued to a dog.

Now millions of people spend money they don’t have, then try to repay it over the next 11.5 months.

So much junk is bought, a lot is wasted, some re-sold for less than it cost to buy.

So much merriment, parties, time off work, drink, drink, drink.

So how many people actually think of the real reason of Christmas and why it’s celebrated? How many know? How many care?

Those who believe in their “god” celebrate an event each year. I don’t condemn them. Everyone finds comfort from life in their own way. I have no belief in any religion.

Retired now, I still accept the meaning of Christmas as a tradition. Children must start life with some beliefs. Christmas is a good starter.

John Stott, Stridingedge, Blackfell, Washington

Special thanks

COULD I take this opportunity to thank Jim Cleghorn, Bob Gladwin and Frank Cronin, the “Three Wise Men” of the North East Branch of the Variety Club, for their efforts this year in bringing joy and happiness to 1,400 Sunderland Primary School children?

Pantomime and cinema tickets were kindly donated by the Gala Theatre in Durham, the Empire Cinema in Sunderland and Nissan.

These tickets were distributed to the schools by the Variety Club who are well known in the area for their Sunshine Coaches project.

I am sure that the children had a wonderful time, as always accompanied by their teachers who gave up their time to ensure that everyone had an organised, safe experience.

Well done, everyone – Happy Christmas

Ian Calvert, Hipsburn Drive, Sunderland

Idea for bridge

APART from me, is there anyone else who thinks a bridge across the mouth of the river would be a good idea?

It would take traffic along the coast road from the North via the Tyne Tunnel, Shields, up to where a bridge would cross from the cliff at the north side over to the south side, sweep down and around over part of Hendon and to the junction at Commercial Road taking the new route past Grangetown, Ryhope, on to Seaham and the A19.

This would ease traffic on the Wearmouth Bridge and city centre.

To pay for this let us cut the cost of the iconic bridge, £80million, by half then get two bridges for the price of one. After all, who wants the tallest bridge in the country? No one is going to climb it.

Mr J. Coates, Zetland Square, Sunderland

EU stand-off

SINCE David Cameron refused to go along with Germany and France on their new EU Treaty and after all their silly name-calling they are now holding out the olive branch to meet them half way.

David Cameron must stand firm and keep us out of this mess.

He now has the English voters on his side and holds a strong hand.

There is lots of trading to be done with other ‘emerging’ countries, including India, Russia, China and our own Commonwealth.

Then he has to watch out for the four turncoats in his government, led by Nick Clegg, Mr Simon Hughes, who I think is still sulking because he wasn’t made leader, and Mr Chris Huhne who wants to spoil our villages and countryside by planting 30,000 windmills all over the place.

Then we come to Kenneth Clark, Justice Minister (joke), who doesn’t seem to want to put murderers and rapists in jail. Time to put on your hush puppies, Ken, and trot off.

David Cameron must stand his ground against the threat of these two, Germany and France, who want a one-state Europe, then Germany will swallow up France, and we would be ruled by a European state run by Germany, without a shot being fired.

D. J. Wright, Appley Terrace, Roker, Sunderland