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As Fulwell ward councillors we are getting a number of protests about the proposed plans for the seafront.

The issues raised are those, which we as councillors have suggested to the council as being essential to the seafront if it is to be attractive to families – swimming pool, ice rink and a venue for indoor carpet bowls.

These facilities were available at the Crowtree Centre, which was demolished several years ago.

To many people its demise was a tragedy as families were deprived of a venue that they and their children could exercise in a family friendly setting.

These hopes appear to have been scuttled as the joint venture of Carillion, Siglion and Sunderland City Council propose that the seafront is to be utilised for housing, shops and restaurants.

Fulwell Conservative Councillors believe that Seaburn needs to have the foregoing facilities in order that the area escapes from its weather bound constraints, which prevent it being used as a year round rather than a limited summer attraction for walking and admiring the sea vista. Seaburn needs more than that.

What better than to have a 12-month destination for people from far and wide to visit and participate in physical events such as those suggested, which would also boost the local economy.

Coun George Howe