Wake The Cat: iPhone/iPad: Puzzle: 69p

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IF you’ve already Cut The Rope or tried to Drop The Chicken, you’ll probably be more than ready to Wake The Cat.

Following in the familiar footsteps of touchscreen brainteasers that have made the grade on iPhone, this title challenges you to use a variety of household items to navigate a ball of yarn to a slumbering kitten, waking it from its sweet dreams.

Sixty levels offer up 180 stars to gather by completing each level in the slickest way possible, all coated in super-cute 3D graphics that really shine on the iPhone’s retina display.

The game physics are spot on, ensuring that the Heath Robinson-style chain of events that you concoct delivers exactly what you expect.

You’ll have to think outside the box on later levels, though, to reach the sleeping cat with toy trains, slippers, fans and other tools, but with everything delivered with developer Chillingo’s signature sparkling presentation, you’ll have no end of fun trying.