Villagers say horse droppings are causing a pongy problem

Jeff Milburn on Underhill road Cleadon
Jeff Milburn on Underhill road Cleadon
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A PROBLEM with horse droppings is causing a stink around Cleadon.

Riders have come under fire for leaving their animals’ mess at village locations.

The most recent spot to fall foul was the corner of plush Underhill Road and busy Front Street.

A resident said a mess had been left almost opposite Cleadon Village Primary School, on Monday.

The woman, who did not want to be named, added: “There was a great big pile on the corner.

“I watched as the children were going to school, and they were having to walk around it and be very careful where they stepped.”

She added: “It really is time that the owners of these animals were made to clean up the mess that they make.”

The resident was backed by Jeff Milburn, Conservative councillor for Cleadon and East Boldon, who criticised some horse riders.

“It amounts to antisocial behaviour,” he said.

“They seem to think that just because they are on a horse that rules don’t apply to them.

“If someone came along and threw litter to the ground, then they would rightly be told about that.

“This is not a new problem – it has been happening at different places for quite a while. It really is unacceptable.”

Coun Milburn added: “Sometimes the riders are a danger to themselves. You can see them going around talking into their phones.

“This is a nice village and it is good to see horses out and about, but the poo problem is one that needs to be sorted out.

“I think the person whose horse left this mess should come forward and apologise.”

A spokesman for South Tyneside Council said: “While there is no law requiring riders to clean up manure left by their horses on public pathways, we do provide a cleansing service to remove horse waste whenever this is reported.”

Northumbria Police said it had received no reports of concern and the issue was one for the local authority.

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