Tropical fish nets new home after appeal

A dad has won his race against time to find a new home for a tropical fish.

Barry Lane needed to find a new home for the alligator garfish within days or it would probably die.

The fish was living in a huge tank, but Barry's son Ian had to move out of rented property in Durham Road and couldn't afford to take it with him.

Barry said no one else in the family had room for the 7ft tank, so they were at a loss with what to do with the fish.

But after sending out an SOS in the Echo last week, the 63-year-old Whitburn man was celebrating today after finding a new home for the 2ft-long fish.

"We've been overwhelmed by the number of offers – we must have had about 40 calls," he said. "We want to thank everyone who got in touch."

Barry said he feared it was going to be difficult to find a new home for the pet as it needs plenty of space to swim about in or it would probably die.

He took the rest of the fish from the tank to Fish Alive in Durham, who accepted them, although staff said they could not take the gator gar because it was too big and no one would want it.

He received similar responses from other local tropical fish shops.

"The new home for the fish is perfect," he said. "It's in Sunderland and has a large indoor pond and great facilities."