Tiffany's designs drive home breastfeeding message

A YOUNG fashion designer has given a modern twist to the campaign for breast-feeding.

Teenager Tiffany Warriner has an eye for style and her T-shirt featuring the slogan The Best Milk's Under Your T-shirt, Mam has been used in a city breatfeeding campaign.

The 13-year-old impressed health bosses with her witty and original design, and used the T-shirt to encourage more Sunderland mums to feed their babies themselves as part of National Breastfeeding Week.

Tiffany, a Year 9 pupil at The Venerable Bede School, Tunstall Bank, has been working on her T-shirt slogans using fabric paints for a while and has already produced five designs.

Pupils were asked to use their creative skills to raise awareness of breastfeeding on Wearside.

Tiffany and a couple of friends came up with the slogan – The Best Milk's Under Your T-shirt, Mam – during a holiday club at the school.

They met up to design T-shirts and at the request of school nurse Julie Reay, looked at how the NHS could raise awareness of breastfeeding to mothers under 25.

Julie, who works for Sunderland Teaching Primary Care Trust, said: "The girls were really interested and did their own research to find out for themselves about the benefits of breastfeeding.

"They used their imaginations and looked at colourful ways in which they could get the message across."

Tiffany, from Silksworth, created her other T-shirts during sessions at the B-Free community centre, on the school site.

She said: "I do not know where my ideas for my designs come from, they just appear. I really would like to follow a career in art, maybe including designing T-shirts."

Lesley Jones, Extended Schools Co-ordinator at The Venerable Bede, said: "Tiffany has a real gift for it. People are really impressed with what she produces."