Thief forgot he burgled a house after a day drinking at Sunderland Airshow

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A BURGLAR who raided a house after spending the day drinking at the Sunderland Airshow has been put behind bars.

David Richardson has no memory of breaking into the property at Cairo Street, Hendon, in July and stealing a valance bedsheet worth £7.

The householder was so shaken by her home being invaded, she was unable to sleep for five days afterwards.

At Newcastle Crown Court, the 23-year-old burglar was jailed for two years and five months.

He has previous convictions for house burglaries.

Judge Deborah Sherwin told Richardson, of Fuller Road, Sunderland: “It was a daytime offence while the occupier of the house was out.

“Having said that, it was still, undoubtedly, an unpleasant offence that left her feeling unsafe and insecure in her own home.

“The odd feature is the only item taken was a valance sheet.” Andrew Finlay, defending, said there was little disturbance or damage caused during the raid.

Mr Finlay added: “He does not recall anything about the offence.

“He recalls being at the Sunderland air show drinking and does not remember anything else until waking up in bed the following morning. “

The court heard Richardson had recently been released from a previous prison sentence when he carried out the raid.

Mr Finlay said: “There was very limited disturbance at the property.

“A speaker was knocked over which was standing in front of a cupboard and a valance taken from the bed.

“It was not a particularly focused or well thought out offence and there was limited value to the property taken.”

Richardson had pleaded guilty to burglary.