Sunderland sausage maker’s meaty masterpieces

Award-winning East Boldon butcher Gordon Robson with prize winning sausages and runny yolk scotch eggs.

Award-winning East Boldon butcher Gordon Robson with prize winning sausages and runny yolk scotch eggs.

HESTON Blumenthal would be proud. Butcher Gordon Robson, 40, from Sunderland, emulated his celebrity chef idol, creating an array of meat masterpieces to land seven gold medals and five silver at a regional roadshow.

The owner of East Boldon’s Gordon’s Butchers’ and Fine Foods wowed the judges at the BPEX Regional Roadshow in Harrogate with his innovative take on some British classics.

Among Gordon’s gold medal-winning selection was his spicy dry cured bacon, pork and garlic burgers, stuffed with garlic and herb cream cheese and his runny yolk scotch egg.

Gordon, who has been a butcher for more than 25 years, told the Echo the judges admitted they were astonished by how he managed to create the runny yolk scotch egg.

He said: “The judges asked me how I did it, which was high praise indeed and they said they’ve never tasted a scotch egg as good as that.”

The former Masterchef contestant was helped by his wife, 37-year-old Lynsey, who he says pushes him to create the best food he can.

Gordon said: “My wife was with me. She cooked the sausage and to be honest, she’s probably my hardest critic.

“She’s over the moon, this was a joint effort.”

It is not just a love of food that drives Gordon to create his specials but the threat posed to independent butchers’ shops by the big supermarkets.

He said: “The times we are in now, we’re competing against the supermarkets and we need to be innovative.

“They can sell meat cheaper than we do, but maybe not at the same quality. You can’t get stuff like we make in the supermarkets.”

There was particular pride in the gold for the garlic burgers, a concontion Gordon devised on the morning of the competition.

“We’re always trying to come up with new ideas but we often have to try a few times. Some of it, like the runny yolk scotch egg, is unbelievably difficult.




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