Sunderland’s own Horrible Histories author Terry Deary creates x-rated adult version on dark and dangerous Roman history

Sunderland-born author Terry Deary with his latest book, Dangerous Days in the Roman Empire.

Sunderland-born author Terry Deary with his latest book, Dangerous Days in the Roman Empire.

AUTHOR Terry Deary has delved even deeper into the murky annals of history for his latest novel.

But instead of the book being aimed at children, the Sunderland-born writer, made famous for his Horrible Histories series, has turned his attention to an adult audience for his latest venture.

Dangerous Days In The Roman Empire is the first in a four-part series which examines the terrors, the torments, the dirt, diseases and deaths suffered by our ancestors.

Speaking from his County Durham home, Terry said: “A lot of the people who grew up with the Horrible Histories series are now in their 30s, so it made sense to write books for adults, it’s a way of growing with the audience.

“It’s interesting writing for adults as you can talk to them on a different level and make references that adults will understand.”

Terry spent months researching the darker aspects of the Roman Empire for the series which will later focus on the Victorian Railways and the Elizabethan era.

“I wanted to move forward with them and give them something that was going to entertain them and offer them a very human, funny, and subversive take on a certain period of history.

“Again I have delved into the darker, the more dangerous and horrible aspects – you can learn a lot from the horrible,” he explained.

Terry is one of Britain’s most successful authors, having written over 240 fiction and nonfiction books for children.

His Horrible Histories books have sold more than 25 million copies and he has several TV series to his name.

•Dangerous Days in the Roman Empire, published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson, is out now priced £9.99 in hardback or £5.99 in eBook.




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